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Chuck has blogger's block

I was having a discussion about blogging…and some days its so hard to do…YET…posting on Facebook (feel free to friend request me) is easy….  Here is a day in the life of my facebook posts….whats it all mean?    One of my Facebook friends suggested I do this….and well…I liked the idea.  ------------------------------- Why is it Facebook is so easy...but a days its like pulling teeth! When I was 18, we drove around in my Caddy, known as "The Blessed Mother of Acceleration" with a 472 under the hood and nearly 425hp to the rear tires. This song worked...and so did the car. "When I walk the roadway shakes" p...arents made me sell the car after 4 tickets my mom had to get me out of.... Whenst shopping for a shirt; tis always good to bring friend...that way you don't wind up with a "Texas Tuxedo" like I did last time I bought a shirt at BASS PRO SHOP. "Hey ladies...wanna go fishin'?"....yeah, that works. ...uh no. Dinner went well...I'm liking the positive Mojo....though I excused myself at one point to see all the Chuck Norris posts (hey, its business) ....I'd say 'booyah' overall. Getting ready for lunch...... (uht hmmmm) ...oh yeah....and its Hump Day, Like Mother Theresa used to say " drop it like the hizot and make it an off the blick-ah stickah n' what not" getting ready to head out the door....doc appt was bumped to 10. ---------------------------------------------   Do you blog?  If so, where is your blog?  I would like to read it!   Send me a link here! Have a good day!

10/15/2009 7:49AM
Chuck has blogger's block
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