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Chuck has an "Aha! Moment" with Reality TV

So there I was, the social iconic figure I am...a Saturday night with my allergies on fire from this pollen in the Hampton Roads area and the TV on....

I get it, reality TV is here to stay.  It's quick to make, cheap to produce, and if it doesnt 'work', network programmers can dump a show and plug in another "TV SHOW" someone is producing in their bedroom after they get off their day-job.  It makes sense financially and programming-wise with 200 channels on TV, too.   So, you can understand probably 'why' when I turned on the TV and saw this picture I said "MAN, THEY'LL GIVE ANYONE A TV SHOW..."

Yes, this is a show on Animal Planet...and when I first sat down to watch it, I was ready for the visual equivalent of Walt Disney throwing up in to a garbage can.  I mean, AN EXPERT CAT-TAMER?!?!  So I poured a beverage and settled in for a laugh.   

The host is quite the diabolical dude.  A musician by night, cat expert by day, Mr. Jackson Galaxy.  (seen here with a dog and not a cat).  Complete with devilish goatee, manicured facial hair and inked up both arms...he's not what you'd expect 'normally' as a cat expert.

Two hours later, I was still sitting there on my couch watching "My Cat From Hell" and finding myself liking this Jackson Galaxy guy more by the episode.  He's 'real', and I dig that...and frankly, he's really GOOD at the taming of the cat thing; he's legit.    In a day of 'reality TV', where, the reality becomes more and more scripted on network shows, "My Cat From Hell" seems pretty honestly produced with minimal product placement being shoved down our throats...

Confession time:   I now really like this show and even hit the DVR to "Record This Series" so I could catch up with Jackson and what feline excorcism he has lined up this week.   

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05/13/2013 9:43AM
Chuck has an "Aha! Moment" with Reality TV
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