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Chuck has a hankerin' for Pork Lumpia

OK, I know this is kind of weird to be posting on the blog...but hey, it's whats going on in my life. For some reason, this weather has me REALLY craving good Chinese food...more importantly...Pork Lumpia (those little egg roll looking things that are crispy but delicious). Where is the best place in town to get these? There was a place near me that did them awesomely when I lived on Shore Drive...but now, in Kempsville, I just cant find a place that does them....Pork Lumpia, that is.... Any ideas? My stomach thanks you! --Chuck

08/24/2010 6:18AM
Chuck has a hankerin' for Pork Lumpia
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08/25/2010 5:39AM
Terry L. Lee
sorry, no lumpia; however killer concert last night. TRAIN rocked!!!!
08/26/2010 12:47PM
Kristen Roberts
Chuck, The best place is glorys backery at the corner of Kempsville Road and Centerville Turnpike. They also have delicious pepperoni bread :-)
08/24/2010 5:54PM
Hey Chuck!! Pork Lumpia is actually a Filipino dish :) Anyway the best place I know to get lumpia, panicit or any Filipino food is MayMars off Indian River. Enjoy and eat some for me too!!!
08/24/2010 7:09AM
Thats weird, Chuck! I have been craving good chinese food too! I am in Eliz City and that doesnt exist here! Would love some spicky chicken from PF Changs! If you find somewhere else good PLEASE let me know! Keep doing what you do...we LOVE it! Have a great day!
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