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Chuck gets ready for summer (even though its still spring)

As the warmer weather comes around in pops and bursts, it's my favorite time here in the Seven Cities.  Since moving to the Mid-Atlantic (or perhaps it is just because I am getting older) I have never loved the change of seasons more! Aside from reconnecting with friends, getting the cargo shorts and sandles out, and seeing the beaches lined with pretty ladies in capri pants (yes, I think they are HOT)...there is my favorite part that I have come to enjoy.  Outdoor activities with the kids!  We did the first trip to Trashmore with the kites... Also this past weekend, we went to Linkhorn Elementary's Spring kids do not go there, but, it was a carnival and we were in!   Charlie got to ride his first Mechanical Bull!!! and Theresa polished up her Hoola Hoop skill in the back yard... I can't wait to see what will happen next...but as far as I can see at the moment, this season is off to a fantastic start!!!  Ahhh "Sprummer" in the favorite!!!! Have fun out there!!! --C

05/17/2010 2:15AM
Chuck gets ready for summer (even though its still spring)
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05/17/2010 9:31AM
Terry L. Lee
love your blogs about your kids!! P.S. It's sandals.
05/21/2010 3:47PM
Just wanted to say hello. So hello I guess. Found the app on my iPhone. So I'll finally get to listen. Congrats again kid.
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