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Chuck gets his teeth situation "Straightened Out" with Orthodontics

So here is where we start with the issue I have had for the past few years.  My teeth were always fine...that is until a few years ago when I noticed something was happening.
My bottom teeth were shifting...badly, too.  So much so, that earlier this year I was literally BREAKING DENTAL FLOSS trying to floss them in the morning.  This was a no-bueno-situation for me.  I could literally feel them shifting sometimes and I didn't like pictures with me smiling because I felt like it looked as if I was chewing on automotive transmissions in my spare time.  That's when I hit the net and started seeking out solutions.  A few clicks in, I found Orthodontics with Dr.'s Shivar, Peluso, & Andersen

Three weeks later, there I was...staring at this sign. 

I met with Dr. Peluso and he told me to shake-off my worry of having to get braces to fix my crooked-crunked-out-teeth.  He took a look inside my mouth and said "Chuck, you'd be an awesome candidate for Invisalign and won't need braces".   This was good news to me because Invisalign is that clear alignment guard you wear that no one can see and slowly straightens your teeth without the need for additional surgery or extensive apparatus in your mouth.   I was pretty stoked.   So, I immortalized the moment with a pic of me and "Doctor P" as his staffers call him...great guy, might I add.   After the consult we sat around talking about boats and fishing and the old neighborhood (turns out we both were from the same area of the country). 

This is Dr. Peluso and I before at the outset of my tooth straightening adventure. 

So...we started the process...

"Doctor P" ordered some Xrays of my jaw and that's where I met of his assistants...who announced to me
"Hi, I'm Jen, your new best friend by the end of today's appointment"

Jen is awesome.  She loves music as much as I do, is a sports fan, and has an adorable little girl.   Next thing I knew, Jen, was taking some Xrays of my Jaw as we began the process of building a model for the team at Orthodontics to get to work on with straightening my teeth. 

Here's Jen telling me to not be a sissy with the Xray was no sweat. 

Xrays done, Jen took me to her chair and showed me some stuff she wanted to put in my mouth to get impressions looked like this:

Jen assured me this would be a breeze...and even asked what flavor I would like to have on my impression compound.  "Flavor?", I asked. 
"Yeah, Man," she said as she began rattling off a list of flavors she could whip up that rivaled most Ice Cream places I have been to....she had me at Cheesecake. 
So, it was in to the chair and Jen got to work taking my impressions. 

Within about 15 minutes, Jen had done her good work...I had a blissful taste of Cheesecake to remember it by...and Dr. Peluso rounded the turn.
"You're good to Go...", he started.  "We'll give you a call soon and then you can come back in and we'll show you what your teeth are going to look like and get you your first set of alignment trays"

That was it!!!!  I was on my way!!!  By Spring 2014, I will have corrected my teeth?!?!?!!   Yes, that simple.  

A couple days later I got an email...which led to the link I want to give you.   After Dr. Peluso and his team did some thinking, we talked, and they had a pretty freaking amazing idea.  If anyone from The Point wanted to call them, they'd offer a deal you simply couldn't turn down. ....this is where I leave it up to you to click and SAVE BIG for mentioning you either read this, or heard the commercial I do for Orthodontics.    I don't do these things often...but when I can thank you for listening by hooking you up...I will....


and stay tuned to this blog, I'll update you on the next step of the "Fixing of Chuck's Grill" with Orthodontics.    Thanks Jen, Thanks Dr. guys are mad-cool! 

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11/13/2013 3:17PM
Chuck gets his teeth situation "Straightened Out" with Orthodontics
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