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Chuck gets a new drivers license...and is SHOCKED.

license This is a picture of my new VA State Driver's License and for the first time in my life....I AM OUTRAGED at how I look in a picture.  When you get your picture taken now, they want you to be expression-less and they had me "Put your neck back, chin down, and remove any expression from your face"....what you get is the picture above.   This dude looks fat and angry....NOT ME.   The rules are you have to have a 'neutral' expression....well, is smiling not as neutral as it comes?   I understand this is for facial recognition...but why we gotta look mad!?!?!?

08/20/2009 7:14AM
Chuck gets a new drivers license...and is SHOCKED.
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08/20/2009 1:37PM
Haw Haw... I could print this out and use it for a mask on Holloween...
08/21/2009 11:14AM
i'm sorry. i fear for what mine will look like! but i still think your handsome (lol) we all know that REAL chuck - so - no worries!
08/21/2009 11:19AM
Chuck, I have spent the last week at the DMV and was finally able to recieve my drivers license today... I recently got married and have been changing my name on everything. The DMV is RIDICULOUS!!! It was easier to go to the Social Security Office and change my name there.
08/21/2009 11:19AM
you almost look like a killer... i guess they are trying to make them look like mug shot... you know to easily identify you if you ever get in trouble... not to make you any more mad but i just got a permit and they let me smile a little...
08/21/2009 11:40AM
stella da Silva
constipated and the laxitive just kicked in HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/21/2009 12:04PM
Sorry Chuck!! Serial Killer !! LOL
08/21/2009 2:32PM
Sharry Velasco
Awwww nice mugshot!
08/22/2009 7:54AM
Jeannie Kartis
dear god, you look like one of those murderers from in Cold Blood! LOL not really but it would make a good mug shot! lol hang in there...
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