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Chuck gets a heavy bag...let the beatings begin

I've kept it pretty quiet, but, I recently have been spending more time at the Doc than I would like to...nothing too big yet, but, I had "the talk" with him.  It started like this: "You know, Chuck, you're not a kid anymore....".  What happened from there was an esoteric exchange involving terminology I cannot hope to understand in this lifetime, which, according to him was being jeopardized by my eating, sleeping, and working habits.  "Unless you start working out soon, Chuck, we may want to investigate some medications...."

That was enough for me to hear.

I like my life.  I enjoy it.  However, the thought of getting on any kind of pill regimen is not what I wanted to hear at 37.   In DJ years, thats still young.  I mean I know some folks who are still doing their thing here twice my age...but I need to do some "physical activity" according to Doc, so, I went over to my neighbors house to complain about it....

Long story short, my neighbor had a myriad of boxing equipment in the garage.  Speed bags, Ol School Medicine Ball, and a barely touched 85lb Everlast Heavy Bag.  "Take em...I don't use them" he said. This was awesome for me.  Many years back, I did martial arts for about 8 years.  No I was not a black belt...the school I went to in Bronx, NY did not really 'do' belts...they tought you how to take care of yourself living and working in New Yorks Metropolitan Area.  I always loved it...the workout that was.  The stretching, the sparring, the cardio, and working the heavy bag.  When you get done going at an 85lb bag with everything you have for 15 minutes, gimme a call if you can lift your phone.  It was a great de-stresser too!

So in the name of Henry Lee Suk of Kalee...Im starting to stretch to get my body back in the swing of things.  Nothing too crazy to start, but, I am looking forward to working out the NY way...

Now before you ask if I am going to go all Karate Kid; forget the question.  I never went to tournaments for a couple of reasons...mainly, because if I wanted to really see how I was doing, Id go over to the boxing club in Riverdale where you would find out in no uncertain terms if you were progressing or not.  I always did well, but, it wasn't about that for was about the workout and whether I left Kalee or Anistossi's gym, I had a workout.  Both those places are now gone from my life and existence. I was at Kalee the last day before Anne closed the place down....I locked the place up with her and we went water-skiing.  Anistossi's wasn't far behind.  New York had changed, I guess.  I was gone anyway.

I can still smell the leather in the gym...and when I picked up that heavy bag; I was 17 again...with an extra 20 years on the outside.  Looking forward to the workout.


06/09/2011 4:24PM
Chuck gets a heavy bag...let the beatings begin
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