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Chuck finds a recession-proof Halloween experience!

So this weekend the kids and I began “Halloween”, which, is a month long celebration for me.   Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and this is for many reasons.  The main reason is that it is the least stressful of the holidays, at least when it comes to family. I like it when people do GOOD things.  Further, when I catch people doing good things, I like to tell others about them. One such case this weekend was at Taylor Farm, which, is off Dam Neck Road in Virginia Beach just before you hit London Bridge Road. I gotta love Taylor Farm for giving FREE Hayrides out to their Pumpkin Field and FREE Pony Rides once inside the petting zoo….and an ALL inclusive price on pettingzoo, static kids displays, and the inflatable bouncers.  No disrespect to the others in the area, but, being a single income household…it’s always nice when someone does not want to charge you 3 different rates inside to set you back fifty bucks. …and frankly, Charlie and Theresa (my kids)  left Taylor Farm with smiles just as big as the ‘other place’… again…no disrespect to the ‘other place’, but, it’s a recession people…and Taylor Farm was there for me. Other reasons Taylor Farm Rocks! 50 Cent Waters…Sodas for a buck…and when you buy a 5 dollar pumpkin they stamp your kids hand so they can get in to the petting zoo at no extra charge.  YES…YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY…NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! I don’t wanna cry, here, but Taylor Farm….THANK YOU for helping me out!   I will be back for the larger pumpkins. I remember walking up to the cashier when we got there and asking “How much for the hayride?” and the nice woman saying “Oh, sir, that’s Free”…and me shooting back “God Love You Free?”   She chuckled and pointed to the stand where the kids could wait and said “It’s not always easy, but it is free for the ride to the pumpkin field” …I had a feeling she was an owner or close to it at least. Taylor Farm…I know the year has probably been tough for you, too, but I want to say thanks for giving me and my kids a great afternoon for less than 20 bucks.   God and I love you for it! Here is some video I pulled off my little pocket camera of our Trip to Taylor Farm!  Fun times!

10/05/2009 8:32AM
Chuck finds a recession-proof Halloween experience!
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