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Chuck explains what ATARI was...without words

I have two kids, Charlie (who is 9), and Theresa (who is 7).  They, like every kid it seems in that age bracket, are plugged in to MINECRAFT as often as possible.   

Though I did not furnish them with the Iphones and Ipads they arrive to my place with, I've allowed them to play their games on rainy and cold days when we can't go outside or we've been to the museums to the point that we are on a first name basis with the front desk.  I get it...when I was a kid, we had ATARI for those days.  But to my point.  

This Minecraft game is all the buzz.  Kids everywhere are playing's a freaking religion.  Minecraft's parent company made like 800 million their first year out of the box...and yet...IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING WE'D HAVE PLAYED IN 1984...(which made me think....WHAT HAPPENED TO ATARI?)  


Well I did some googling...and it turns out, some college kids with some spare time
got hold of the old code from ATARI and have an APP that runs on your Mac or PC called
STELLA ATARI EMULATOR  (install at your own risk...but I did anyway).  

Also, on this page, after you download and install the Atari emulation app...they have 375 ORGINAL Atari 2600 titles.   Games like RIVER RAID, YAR's REVENGE, DONKEY KONG, and even that low-rent version of PACMAN.   I was 12 years old again and had forgotten about Iphones, Ipads, and Minecraft....I was in my glory.  

"HEY DAD...WHAT'S THAT?!?!" peeped a voice from behind my head.  It was my daughter.  
"IS THAT A GAME?", she asked.   

"Baby," I said, "This is PITFALL and I first played it on a Wednesday afternoon in 1984 when I was your age."   

Within a minute or two, my Son, Charlie, came over to join the conversation.   "That looks old," he said.   "Can I try it?"

I sat them down and in about 3 seconds they had gotten the object of the game.  JUMP OVER STUFF, KEEP MOVING TO THE RIGHT.  

...they played for about 30 minutes...laughing...cackling...and smiling...just like I did that Wednesday afternoon at Joel Marcue's  house in Oswego, NY as a kid.  It was the first time I got to Play ATARI...and through my kids it had all come back to me.  This was a magical moment...and it was something I did not have to was FREE on the internet. 

Play on!  




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04/01/2013 11:58AM
Chuck explains what ATARI was...without words
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