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Chuck and his kids welcome the weather by boating!!!

The warm weather is beginning to trickle back in!!! Lets hear it for Mother Nature!!!!  The kids and I went boating this weekend at Northwest River Park; a good time was had by all.  As usual, I had the camera in, here we go!

When the weather breaks in Hampton just cannot be beat.  We hit Norwest River Park at noon and did not leave until the sun began hiding behind the tall trees of the west.   By the time the day was over, I was sure they would sleep like rocks for their mother as I returned them home after a Dad-weekend.

Total activities at the park:   2 hours on a paddle boat, 2.6 mile Hike, an hour at the park at the end of the trail, 3 sandwiches, a candy bar, and 4 low sugar Capri-Suns later....snores were heard in the back seat as we made the long dive back to the southside.

Bring it, Ma Nature....We are ready!

SEE ALL THE PICTURES HERE!!!! CLICK NOW! Have fun out there...remember...take pictures and plenty of video.  They'll thank ya for it someday.


02/28/2011 7:49AM
Chuck and his kids welcome the weather by boating!!!
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