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Chuck and his camera...


"Spielberger", "Tarrantinoz", "Coppala"....these are things I have heard people jab from time to time...but as I say  "The Proof is in the puddin...and I always hold a big ol bowl of puddin"  I love my camera...and finally someone got a shot of me holding 'er.   This is my Sony HVR out at Mt. Trashmore this past weekend for the American Heart Association's START-HEART-WALK.  Here are some video's I have shot with this camera...even in standard definition (SD) it kicks the tail out of most cameras twice it's price.      Enjoy!   --C

09/17/2009 10:56AM
Chuck and his camera...
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09/23/2009 12:36PM
Wow. You and Jenna are so very blessed. Your children are beautiful. Its funny how much Charlie looks like you and Reese looks like her momma. Happy birthday to her and to you, enjoy her as long as possible.
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