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Chuck's back from Vacation...

Charlie and Reesa set out to exploreIt was an amazing 10 days off with the kids.   The highlight, invariably, was our stay at Great Wolf Lodge.   If you have never been to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids...try to do it (even if it means socking away 20 bucks a month for a few years).   They have refrigerators and microwaves in each I brought in a bunch of snacks and things to keep the kids fed when the munchies set in.   It was good for me and the kids to get some long overdue extended play time since winter had us biddle-whacked inside the house.  

...and with them keeping it 82 and beautiful inside...well, we made it a wonderful time. Charlie had his first shot at "Wolf Rider Wipeout" and finally found his groove after watching a few of the older kids.   He soon realized that first, you must become steady on your board before getting crazy.   The smile on his face tells the story! Theresa's favorties were Crooked Creek and the fun for Fort Mackenzie! Theresa on Crooked Creek And of course...Charlie had to keep going back to "Surf Some More, Dad" great_wolf 020 After an amazing three days at the lodge following the trip to visit with "Uncle Brian" and "Gramma"...the kids could not stop talking about our family trip.   All the while home, the covnersation popped between Uncle Brian's crazy cat, Julie...Gramma's chalk board...the bunk beds at Great Wolf Lodge...and when we could do it all again.  :)    This is a good thing...and this was my best vacation...EVER.

01/25/2010 9:00AM
Chuck's back from Vacation...
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08/14/2011 9:49PM
Thoguht it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.
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