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Chuck's Son Graduates Kindergarten...Camping Ensues!

So Charlie (my son) graduation Kindergarten...words can't describe how I feel...but I got a picture that I would not sell for a million bucks; so thats a start. The next morning, I got up and he had made himself breakfast; a bowl of cereal.  It became clear that my little boy was becoming a little man.  These things happen...they see you do things enough and they start to learn to do them on their own.  So with that...I introduced them to camping. I put up a tent in the back yard...and we camped out.  It was a new experience for Charlie and Theresa... it was magic for them.  Playing with flashlights, wondering what the sounds were outside the then; its what every dad should do...and what mine taught me to do not so long ago in my mind. The next morning, they both awoke excited to hit the 'real woods'... Theresa definitely enjoyed the camping more than I expected and has been asking me when we will go out again...she's got the bug. The next day, we went hiking at Northwest River Park in Chesapeake.  My kids amazed me again...2.5 mile hike and they just wanted to keep going...My dad will be excited to hear this...the love of the woods has been passed down the bloodline and it will continue.  Summer is nearly here...and this year is going to be BIG.  ...REALLY BIG on many fronts.  Im going to do what my dad did (and continues to do) for me...showing that time together, no matter what you are the FUN...getting there is the excitement!

06/02/2010 6:43AM
Chuck's Son Graduates Kindergarten...Camping Ensues!
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06/03/2010 10:37AM
Christine Mills
Chuck, You sure have great kids! I'm happy you are having such a wonderful summer :) Christine
06/03/2010 10:38AM
Christine Mills
Chuck, Looks like you have two great kids. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful summer! Christine
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