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Chuck 'barges' out to Sandbridge to see "The Boat"

It has been said that you can do something right 2 million times....but the second you don't, everyone wants to see.  So is the Great Stranded Barge of Sandbridge.... I went out with the video camera to Sandbridge to witness this remarkable event this past weekend. It was amazing to see this all of its stoic steel...and everyone snapping pictures.   Even I fell victim to it's giganticism. boat1 This guy looks like he has a plan to get it out...and "if they would just listen I could tell them how we got a carrier out of the great barrier reef in 1972".....or at least thats what I see boat3 I took this picture and think it needs the caption: "27 years together and THIS is the cruise you've been promising?!?!?!" boat2 ....and of course, I would be remiss to NOT have done one of my videos. The moral of the story.... as I have found, all the good you have done in the world is invisible... people wanna see you with egg on your face and your pants down.   ...thats remarkable, folks.  Some may call me a pessimist....I call it a realist.  The sun rises every morning over this same beach, and you would think the universe painted a picture just for you...but what draws a crowd?  ...yep... 300,000 tons of steal carrying a bunch of toxic waste.    Ya gotta laugh. Yours in nakedness, --Chuck

11/16/2009 7:53AM
Chuck 'barges' out to Sandbridge to see "The Boat"
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11/20/2009 10:38AM
Michele Allen
Chuck, This is Michele that use to work for Dr. Bob's.....I live in Raleigh now, but listen to you on the computer....great pics of the kids... hope all is going good with you...
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