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Chris Brown.

I'm not gonna say too much - because I don't want to get fired or have someone follow me home from work 1 night...and I was "never heard from again". But I am still ill over the situation. And his sentence. YES - it did happen over 6 months ago. He beat his girlfriend up. Left her bloodied & bruised. Rihanna...you remember her, don't you? Let me refresh your memory... tmzfull_27767a So Chris Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation & some community service. For felony assault. A slap on the wrist. Yet - Michael Vick fights some dogs in a ring & goes to jail. Just doesn't make sense to me. But hey - I'm no lawyer. I'm not a cop. Or a political analyst for CNN. But it just doesn't make sense to me. And then there are those of you...who think...she deserved it. She attacked him. She was verbally abusive. She had it coming. She provoked Chris Brown. She kicked him first. She did this - She did that and She deserved it. Yeh - there are some of you out there. You've emailed me and hijacked my Facebook with opinions. And we are all allowed to have them. So this is my opinion. And I've said it before. CHRIS BROWN...if you were in such an abusive - verbally & physically - relationship. If you were dealing with a jealous, psycho girlfriend. If you felt overwhelmed and couldn't get out of the relationship...I totally see that. I see how you could have struggled and wondered how to end the relationship. But what I will NEVER see. And NEVER agree with...is your violence. Physical. Violence. Period. I will not tolerate. Ever. PS - Chris's exclusive interview with Larry King will air tomorrow night on CNN. Here's a preview:

09/01/2009 10:52AM
Chris Brown.
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