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Hey there. I'm Woo Woo and I'm a bad blogger. I have an email from the boss man to prove it. HA! Thanks for the reminder & All apologies for not having updated this blog in 2 weeks. My mind has been elsewhere for a little bit - and I swear my brain is not functioning like it used to. HA! Maybe it's the humidity? I dunno. What I do know is that I am starving right now. And that's all I can think about is food. I'm meeting a friend for lunch today at Bakers Crust. Is it too hot to eat soup? I can never turn down a bowl of their yummy tomato soup. But soup...in July? Sounds like a bad combo to me.   Besides a slow brain, being a bad blogger & being hungry...I am currently in a vacation rut. Last year at this time - McCoy & I were packing up for Miami. 9 days of sun, fun & Sangria. We left last year on July 18th. BEST. VACATION. EVER. And I would love to go back. We have yet to even talk about where to go on vacay this summer...and I have to go somewhere. Our vacation days at the radio station don't roll over, so I have 13 days to use by January. Where to go? Where to go? I looked into the following places... 1.)Watercolor, Florida 2.) Kiawah Island, South Carolina 3.) Hawks Cay, Florida And if you have any opinions/ideas/info...PLEASE SHARE! I need a little R&R. Like now. Thanks & Talk to ya soon, WooWoo

07/14/2010 6:58AM
Bloggity Blog Blog Blog!
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07/14/2010 11:47AM
go to Key West, stay in a cottage off Duval street. You can fly right into KW, you don't even have to get a rental car unless you want to head up to some of the other keys. Take the snorkeling trip to the tortugas and a sunset dinner cruise...:) JK
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