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Do you find yourself angry at work?
So how many times a day do you find yourself angry at work? On average, a person in the workplace gets angry on the job twice a day.But what really drives you to the boiling point? I am for the most part,an easy going type guy.It really takes a lot to rattle my chain.And maybe most of you are the same way.But there is always that one pet peeve,well actually at least two a day that turn any Dr Jekyll into a raging Mr Hyde!
According to a recent survey,these are the Top 10 things that really get you fired up at the office.Please feel free to add your own comment if whatever gets your goat is not included in the results.

1.  Other coworkers taking credit for your work.

2.  Computer problems . . . from crashes to the Internet going out.

3.  Rude clients.

4.  Arguments over making the coffee.

5.  Not having time for a lunch break.

6.  The mere fact that it's Monday and the weekend is over.

7.  People talking to you when you're trying to concentrate.

8.  Coworkers gossiping.

9.  The printer not working right.

10.  Coworkers messing up your desk.
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The definition for magnetic is as follows, "possessing an extraordinary power or
And an ability to attract is exactly what this latest outing “Magnetic”, from the Goo Goo Dolls accomplishes .From the first track "Rebel Beat" to the closing track,"Keep The Car Running" this release defines the band that is justifiably  the best export from Buffalo, New York since the hot wing.I will go on record,(pun not intended),and declare that this is the best Goo Goo Doll album to date. With one hit "Rebel Beat" already huge at radio,the band has announced that "Come To Me" will be the next single from the album.And I am sure you will be hearing it here on the Point soon.There are so many potential hits on this record.My favorite track is "When The World Breaks Your Heart" and I suspect that it will eventually find it's way to radio.The Goo Goo Dolls will be here in Virginia Beach with Matchbox Twenty at Farm Bureau Live on August 8th.And be sure to stay tuned to The Point to win your way into a private acoustic performance with The Goo Goo Dolls.
So what is your favorite Goo Goo Doll song?Thought I would share my Top 5.
1. Broadway
2. Rebel Beat
4. Iris
5. Slide

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