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8 things happy couples do
   Thanks for dropping by my blog. Check out 8 things happy couples do (I wake each morning and look at my wife and say “I’m sorry” because I know it’s just a matter of time until I need to say it, that could be number 9) Enjoy- Barry

 1.  Share responsibilities:  Four out of five happy couples share decision-making . . . two out of three share financial decisions . . . and two in three split chores evenly.  
 2.  Have lots of sex:  Three out of five couples said they have sex at least twice a week . . . one in three have it at least four times a week . . . and 16% of couples do it EVERY DAY. 
 3.  Be affectionate when you're NOT having sex:  69% of happy couples kiss each other and show affection several times a day.   
 4.  Be honest:  70% are always honest with each other . . . and don't even tell little white lies. 
 5.  Stay in shape:  Three in four couples say it's important to be in shape . . . and 18% say their partner's physical appearance is the thing they're most attracted to. 
 6.  Don't talk about politics:  37% of happy couples say they NEVER talk about politics . . . and another 47% rarely talk about it. 
 7.  Be the same religion:  71% of happy couples have the same religious beliefs. 
 8.  Communicate:  72% have in-depth conversations about work . . . life . . . and family on a regular basis.
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Tunes In The Attic-Phillip Phillips Blog
Tunes In The Attic-Phillip Phillips Blog

The ground breaking debut CD,"The World From The Side Of The Moon" from last seasons American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is a breath of fresh air.I have to admit,I was hooked from my first listening. It is obvious  that on his first outing for Interscope Records that his major musical influences include Dave Mathews and even a hint of Mumford and Sons.The first single,"Home" is already a smash hit,with over 4 million copies sold here in the U.S. "Home" is the best selling single of any American Idol contestant before Phillips,including Kelly Clarkson. The latest single,"Gone,Gone,Gone" is already lighting up the airwaves here at The Point.
   Phillips,21,a native of Georgia, will kick-off a summer tour with John Mayer in July.That show will roll into Farm Bureau Live,here in Virginia Beach on August 24th.
    My favorite tracks from the new CD include: "Man On The Moon","So Easy","Drive Me",and "Get Up Get Down".
     And don't forget to listen to Barry Mckay in the afternoons for your chance to win a copy of "The World From The Side Of The Moon' and tickets for the John Mayer/Phillip Phillips concert at Farm Bureau Live!
   And as always,Crank it up and rock the rafters!
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