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Back from vacation...

OH WOW! How relaxing are vacations? Absolutely fab-u-lous. And wanna know a secret...I stayed home all week. I had planned to head to OBX on Wednesday to visit my Aunt, Uncle & Sister...but Hurricane Earl kicked us out before we could even get there. No big deal. It was still soo nice to sleep in & lounge all week. I took Murphy on an hour and a half walk EVERY morning!! One morning we even walked all the way to Town Point Park. Which isn't that far if you drive from my house, but if you if walk...it's far far away! My legs are sore...and I bet little Murphy's are too. On our walks I learned 2 things abou Murphy... 1.) He LOVES squirels. And he loves to chase them!!! He will run at full speed to catch one, and then when the squirrel runs up the tree - Murphy looks at me like "Where did that thing go"? So cute! And funny. 2.) He HATES nail guns. We were walking over by the Hague in Norfolk, and there were roofers on top of a house nailing down shingles on a roof. Well that naiol gun went off...and Murphy about crapped himself right there on the sidewalk. I have never seen him so frightened. I literally had to pick him up & carry him for a block. He would not stop shaking. Poor guy! Here's some pics from my morning walks with Murphy...  

09/07/2010 7:16AM
Back from vacation...
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