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Back from U2!

TGIF! Hey there - I'm back from the U2 concert in Charlottesville. What a wild 24 hours that was...we drove up on Thursday morning, checked into the hotel by 12 noon, had lunch at Miller's, shopped a little, got ready, went to Scott Stadium, tailgated and saw U2! Live in concert. And OMG! They put on one hell of a show. I will post some pics - and I put together a quick video. But of course...I will share more next week. Ummm...I took 103 pictures. HA! It was awesome. McCoy, Pamela, Tommy & I had an incredible time. Thanks again to CASEY VW/CASEY IMPORTS for letting me drive that 2010 VW Touareg to the concert. V8 engine, leather seats, sunroof, big trunk and a roomy backseat. We definitely arrived in style & comfort @ UVA! Our CASEY VW Touraeg! And "The Gang" - Tommy, Pamela, me & McCoy. u2 001u2 015 We love CASEY! And that's a pic of the U2 stage @ Scott Stadium. u2 018u2 031 I will post more later - including a video blog from inside the CASEY VW Touareg! That's all for now - XOXO, WooWoo

10/02/2009 10:31AM
Back from U2!
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10/02/2009 2:32PM
Bruce Blair
Thanks for the video Woo Woo. My wife and I went to the concert and we were blown away. My wife, Carol Ann Blair, a faithful 94.9 and Woo Woo fan, said she wished there was a video of the concert in full. But short of that, we really enjoyed yours. Rock on!
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