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Woo Woo


Back from Miami!

Hey there! It's Woo - and I am back from the best vacation ever. In Miami. South Beach. Ocean Drive. Let me tell you...that place is paradise. The beaches are huge, the water is soo blue and calm, the food, the people...I could go on and on. And I will...I will dedicate an entire blog to our vacation. But right's all about the flood. In my office. Came back to work today - ready to be productive - and my office was wet! For about 6 days, it went un-noticed. It smells like mold, my folders & paperwork are drenched, snacks in my snack drawer, my PostIt's, pens, notepads and calendar. ALL RUINED! And wet. Grrrrrrrrr....I WAS AM SOO MAD! Here's pics: The water built up inside the light/ceiling...and collected in that bucket today. woofloodoffice-004 woofloodoffice-005 woofloodoffice-006 Meanwhile...I had to move all my stuff into the hallway. Boooo! woofloodoffice-001 woofloodoffice-003woofloodoffice-008 About to hop on the air now with Chuck - hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. Less soggy - more sunny. Man...can I just go back to Miami now?! xoxo, WooWoo

08/04/2009 10:41AM
Back from Miami!
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08/05/2009 5:35AM
Darlene Cowcer
Hey WOOWoo welcome back from Miami! Sorry about your office. Since you are a musical theatre type of gal, I just wanted to let you know about a phenominal theatre experience going on here in Hampton Roads. Theatrix Productions is doing Les Miserables at the Barry Robinson Theatre (next to Bishop Sullivan High School in VA Beach - -Princess Anne Rd. The production is amazing - this is the last weekend and we would love to see you there!
08/05/2009 5:38AM
Darlene Cowcer
ps your clock is confused - -I wrote this at 9:30 not 5:35! :)
08/05/2009 9:39AM
oh no, hopefully you have dried out by now!!
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