Baby Fever?

It seems like everywhere I turn, SOMEBODY IS PREGNANT! We have 3 girls (at least that I know of) in the office ALONE that are preggers! Coincidently, their offices are located right next to one another in the hallway. We call that the "pregnant vortex." You have to be careful walking through it. Although, I think I've walked through it too many times because I'm craving pregnancy! IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT!? I'll be 28 years old this year and I think my body is naturally wanting a baby. (My mom is probably wondering what the H is wrong with me haha!) The funny thing is, I'm as single as they come. No sign of a baby at all, any time soon at least. Is this normal? LOL I hope so. I hope this isn't like when I went through my quarter-life crisis at 25. (I had one, I swear I did haha!) Don't worry, I'm not running out and looking for a husband to impregnate me. I plan to do it the right way. So, until I can have my own little mini me, here are two of my favorite laughing babies to help me get my baby fix. (Lord help me...)

04/11/2011 6:08AM
Baby Fever?
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