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  Sooo...the countdown is on. 33 days until Maggie is set to arrive in this world. OMG! I will be a mom in 33 days. It's exciting & scary all at the same time. Instead of sitting around & worrying (which is easy to do!) I have been filling the days watching Oprah, going on walks around town, having dinner with friends and getting massages. And next week I am soo excited to get my belly casted. YES! A Belly Casting. How cool is that?!? Words can not express how excited I am. I was a little nervous at first...just because I am one of those pregnant ladies who feels fat, gross and doesn't want my picture taken...let alone my belly molded into a piece of art. HA HA! But then I heard about MODERN MATERNITY! They are a local GO-TO source for everything mom. Tamra is the owner & she was kind enough to offer a bellycasting to Maggie & I. So I have an appointment with her next Tuesday at 6pm. And you better believe I will take pics & video!! And heck - I'll even post the pics & video at POINTRADIO.COM and on our Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook...learn more about Modern Maternity by visiting their Facebook page. CLICK HERE I'll report back next week with the pics & video to let you know how it goes. I'm sure I will love it and it will totally make me feel "beautiful" about the whole pregnancy thing. I think just because I am in the last end of the pregnancy where you gain a pound a week, and everything starts to swell (HELLO CANKLES!!) I need a little pick me up...and MODERN MATERNITY is gonna do that! YAY!   Have a great day! XOXO, WooWoo PS: All the pics above are from actual bellycastings from MODERN MATERNITY! They are beautiful. From what I can see...it looks like they cast your belly and then paint it with a theme! The colors of your nursery, the babies name, etc. YAY YAY YAY! I want a pink belly. Of course! And below is an article written in the paper about MODERN MATERNITY! Should I call the newspaper to come report on my bellycasting? Don't tempt me... Hee Hee Hee!!! ;)

02/09/2011 9:11AM
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