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BB&T Saves the Day!

So how weird is this...on Saturday night McCoy & I were at The Skinny Dip in Ghent on Colley Avenue getting some frozen yogurt. He got Red Velvet Cupcake, I got Snow White Vanilla mixed with Mocha Cheesecake. SOOO GOOD!! Anyway...I go to pay the $5.56 dollars for the 2 of us. I get out my debit card. The girl at the counter swipes it - and then looks at me and says "I'm sorry, your card was declined". DECLINED!?? My heart was racing...CRAP! Did I shop too much this weekend? Did I overdraft? I asked her to try it again. DECLINED AGAIN!!! Now I'm not even hungry. I have lost my appetite, and clearly - all my money. We drive home & I call BB&T. That is who I bank with...I have for 10 years. Well - come to find out - somebody in Atlanta tried to charge $792 dollars worth of electronics at a Best Buy. BB&T saw the activity - and since I don't live in the ATL - they declined that purchase and froze my account. GLORY TO THE BB&T GODS! I cut up the old Debit Card & should get a new one in the mail. Honestly - I have NO clue how these thugs in Atlanta even got my Debit Card number, but I am soo gonna start paying with CASH from now on. Be safe! Guard your money honeys! XOXO - And if you work for BB&T...I LOVE YOU!!! WooWoo

01/12/2011 7:43AM
BB&T Saves the Day!
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