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A holiday tradition...Summer Sausage from Hickory Farms!

So I'm driving down the road thinking of ways to avoid eating a delicious Hickory Farms "Summer Sausage" (as I do every Christmas Season) and I bust out laughing.

I started thinking of things I would like to do...and thought how great it would be to go on some crazy trip to find the 'actual' Hickory Farms...(though I know they do not exist). Next thing I know, Im getting scenes in my head from an independent movie featuring a guy having a mid-life crisis who loses it and breaks out on the open road in search of the original "Hickory Farms".

There's one scene with him eating at a diner where the TV in the background is playing "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" with the "there's no basement in the Alamo" scene as he realizes in shock that "Hickory Farms" is just like the basement of the's not there...and in realizing this, realizes his entire life as a marketing exec has been based on creating things that do not exist...and he has become a victim of his own devices.

Anyway, it was good for a laugh.

12/13/2011 8:55AM
A holiday tradition...Summer Sausage from Hickory Farms!
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12/30/2011 6:30PM
I applaud you for having such a vivid imagination and I wanted to take a minute to tell you that you ruined the illusion for me....there really ISN'T a Hickory Farms?! Dang!!! Lol!
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