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On a day like this, I must admit, it's just odd...especially here in this military town I have learned and loved to call home for nearly a decade now.... 9/11 reminds me of a time that taught us how to be stronger, tougher, and better at everything.   It has taught us that no matter how bad 'it seems' could be a hell of a lot worse.   Frankly, I am not going to try to impress anyone with a masterful conglomerate of words....rather I would just like to say:   On 9/11....I feel EXACTLY like you do!  We were there...weren't we? To the victims, we miss the responders, we thank you...and to those who are still at watch, we love you and will never forget what you do.  9/11/09 ....somehow it just is not easier....somehow it still hurts. God Bless, --C

09/11/2009 9:37AM
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09/13/2009 4:20AM
I went to the end of summer bash last night and just wanted to say i had a great time but I got there before 5 and you guys were all ready out of small, medium and large shirts!
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