25, too old?!

So Miss Delaware was stripped of her crown because she was going to be 25 during the Miss America Pageant? I'm sorry, but didn't they allow a transgendered individual to compete? Someone that was born a male but turned himself into a girl. If we are going to scrutinize competitors on rules, than I believe the rule concerning the fact that individuals must be born a woman to compete is much more important than whether or not she will be a year older than they want her during the Miss America Pageant. That's just me! They decided to give Amanda 9k in tuition money but that isn't the point. She was publicly stripped of the crown she rightfully won due to the fact that this pageant believes that being 25 is too old! How random is the 24 year old cut off too? I mean, they should do Miss Teen whatever as 15-19 then Miss America should be 20-25.
I like what the pageant is doing concerning body image, by not allowing woman to compete that look like they have been starving themselves, etc... but the age discrimination is a little off-putting. I can't wait to see what they do about this! I'm rooting for you Amanda Longacre!

06/30/2014 1:45PM
25, too old?!
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