Top 10 rude things bosses do

The Top Ten Rude Things Bosses Do
According to a recent survey, here are the top ten. Do you agree?
1.  Interrupting.
2.  Being judgmental.
3.  Not showing interest in other people's opinions.
4.  Taking the best tasks, and leaving the worst ones for everyone else.
5.  Failing to pass along necessary information.
6.  Not saying please and thank you.
7.  Talking down to people.
8.  Taking too much credit for things.
9.  Swearing.
10.  Putting other people down.
 The survey also asked for rude things CO-WORKERS do.  The top answers included texting during meetings . . . taking you for granted . . . and always volunteering to do the EASY stuff.
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Mumford and Sons on Jimmy Kimmel 2015

If you didn't see Mumford and Sons when they were on Jimmy Kimmel the other week......O-M-G. You have to watch this! It's hilarious!

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5 Body Brain Teasers to try. How many can you do??

Wow I am HORRIBLE at most of these......what does that say about me?? I need to do some brain exercises maybe lol!? Give them a try, how good are you?!

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10 things you shouldn't own after 30

Ten Things You Shouldn't Own After 30
Someone posted a list of the top ten things you shouldn't own after you turn 30.  Here's what they came up with:
1.  Unframed posters.
2.  Trophies from high school.
3.  Too much IKEA furniture.  One or two things is okay, but not your entire place.
4.  A collection of shot glasses.
5.  A lava lamp.
6.  A huge shelf full of DVDs.  And the same goes for CDs.
7.  Picture frames with inspirational messages on them, like "Live, love, laugh."  One or two are okay, but not 20.
8.  A beanbag chair.
9.  Glow-in-the-dark stars that go on your ceiling, unless they're in your kid's bedroom.
10.  Fake plants.  By the time you're 30, you should be able to keep a REAL plant alive.

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Robin Williams tribute

Today, August 11th, marks 1 year since we lost Robin Williams.

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Rachel Platton performing on The View

She also talked about how she almost gave up on music.

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My cat can be REALLY creepy sometimes.

I woke up from a GLORIOUS nap on the couch the other day, I immediately look over to see if my cat was asleep too.

She wasn't.

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Eight foods that will make you look younger!

Eight Foods That Make You Look Younger
 Here are eight foods that can make you look younger . . .
1.  Watermelon.  It has lycopene, which acts like a natural sunscreen and prevents UV damage.  One serving is like putting on SPF 3.
2.  Pomegranates.  They have a ton of antioxidants that increase collagen production in your skin, to prevent wrinkles.
3.  Blueberries.  The vitamin C and vitamin E help brighten your skin.
4.  Lobster and other shellfish.  The zinc accelerates the renewal of skin cells, and it can help with acne.
5.  Kale.  The vitamin K helps with blood clotting, which can prevent you from getting dark circles under your eyes.  It also has a ton of iron, and if you don't have enough iron in your diet, you start to look pale.
6.  Cantaloupe.  The vitamin A helps prevent your pores from getting clogged.
7.  Avocados.  The omega-9 fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and look young.
8.  Walnuts.  The omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E help keep your hair looking healthy.  They're also loaded with copper, and researchers think that having a copper deficiency is one of the things that causes grey hair.
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The 8 WORST things you can eat for breakfast

The Eight Worst Things You Can Eat for Breakfast
The website put together a list of the worst things you can have for breakfast, in different categories.  So, things like the least healthy cereal, and worst fast food breakfast sandwich.  Here's the list . . .

1.  Worst cereal:  Honey Smacks.  One bowl has 15 grams a sugar, which is more than Frosted Flakes or Cap'n Crunch.  And it's coated in partially hydrogenated oil, which has trans fat.
2.  Worst donut:  Dunkin' Donuts Blueberry Butternut.  It has 35 grams of sugar, and 420 calories, which is more than any other donut on the menu.
3.  Worst breakfast burrito:  Taco Bell's A.M. Crunchwrap with Sausage.  710 calories and 47 grams of fat. 
Unless you're eating a whole 12-pack of their Cinnabon dessert things, the A.M. Crunchwrap has more fat than anything else on the menu.
4.  Worst fast food breakfast sandwich:  The Monster Biscuit from Hardee's and Carl's Jr.  It has as much fat and calories as the A.M. Crunchwrap, but TWICE as much salt.
5.  Worst breakfast that SOUNDS healthy:  A Dunkin' Donuts Multigrain Bagel with Reduced Fat Strawberry Cream Cheese.  It's 500 calories, has 17 grams of fat, and is pretty much nothing but carbs.
6.  Worst pancakes:  Denny's Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast.  They're stuffed with chocolate, and have hot fudge and peanut butter on top.  You also get sausage, eggs, and hash browns, so it's 1,670 calories, with 105 grams of fat.
7.  Worst omelette:  The Chorizo Fiesta Omelette at IHOP.  1,300 calories and106 grams of fat.  And you can add pancakes, which is another 700 calories.
8.  Worst overall breakfast:  The Cheesecake Factory's Bruleéd French Toast.  It has 2,780 calories, and as much saturated fat as six cheeseburgers from Sonic.
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Taylor Swift brings out U.S. Women's Soccer Team on stage

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Fireworks locations

July 3: {weather permitting)
Chesapeake City Park ($5 parking)
Smithfield - Clontz Park

July 4: (weather permitting)
Norfolk – Town Point Park, & Ocean View Park
Va Beach – Oceanfront,  Mount Trashmore, Sandbridge,  First Landing State Park.
Portsmouth – Elizabeth River Waterfront.
Suffolk - Constant’s Wharf Park & Marina
Surry - Surry County Community Center
Windsor – Windsor High School
Hampton – Fort Monroe
Newport News – Victory Landing Park downtown, & Virginia Living Museum  ($3 members, $6 non-members)
Yorktown/Gloucester – York River Waterfront
Mathews County – Mathews High School
Williamsburg - Revolutionary City (Colonial area), Market Square, Palace Green, Bush Gardens.
Outer Banks – Avon, Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, Nags Head
Elizabeth City – Waterfront Park
Eastern Shore – Cape Charles Beach, & Chincoteague Carnival Grounds
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5 things that shouldn't be on your resume

Five Things That Shouldn't Be on Your Resume
Obviously you shouldn't lie on your resume.  Because if you're caught there's no way you'll get the job.  But here are five more things that shouldn't be on your resume.
1.  An "objective" at the top.  It's old school, and you don't need it.  Almost no one writes anything interesting, and the objective is obvious . . . to get the job you're applying for. 
Some people replace it with a "qualifications" section, which is sort of like a quick summary of what you're best at.
2.  Your current work email.  Always list your personal email address.  And make sure it's something professional.  No matter how much you love horses, "horse-lover 25" WILL ruin a perfectly good resume.
3.  Big words you'd never use in real life.  One or two might be okay, but you don't want it to seem like you wrote the thing with a thesaurus next to you.
4.  Tiny, unrelated jobs from 15 years ago.  List jobs that show you have the experience you need to do the job you're applying for.  The exception would be if you did something for a really well-known company like Google . . . you can leave that on there.
5.  Hobbies.  If you've played piano for 15 years, great.  But unless the job somehow involves a piano, no one cares.  The one time it's okay to include a hobby is when you're young and don't have a lot of work experience.  
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X Ambassadors perform "Renegades" on Jimmy Fallon show

From our red room here at the radio station, to Jimmy Fallon. Love seeing the success of X Ambassadors! These guys are so talented and great. Watch the awesomer performance of their hit single "Renegades" below!

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5 things you shouldn't take on vacation

Five Things You Shouldn't Take on Vacation

When you go down your checklist and pack for your next vacation, feel free to FORGET this stuff.  Here are five things you shouldn't take with you when you go on vacation . . .
1.  Anything irreplaceable you don't HAVE to take.  Or at least don't pack it in your luggage.  Like if you HAVE to bring your grandfather's watch, make sure it stays with you the entire time.  And if your engagement ring isn't insured, why risk it?
2.  Sunblock.  Or any other liquid, really.  If it's over 3.4 ounces you can't carry it on the plane, and if you put it in your luggage, there's a chance it'll break open and ruin everything. 
You COULD be all organized and buy travel-sized bottles . . . but why not just travel light and buy it when you get there?
3.  A hair dryer.  Even budget motels have them, so it's not worth lugging around the extra weight.
4.  Too many shoes.  Unless you're going somewhere for a month, you shouldn't need more than two pairs.
5.  Too much clothing in general.  Most people pack at least one really dressy outfit, just in case they need it.  Then they almost never do, so be realistic.  If you're going to the beach, you won't need an evening gown.

[Hey, just tryin' to help you out!]
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5 mistakes your making with booze

Five Mistakes You're Making with Booze
Here are five mistakes you might be making with booze . . .
1.  Using a frosted beer glass.  It makes it foam up, and kills the flavor.  Plus, it doesn't really make the beer that much colder.
2.  Letting the champagne cork pop off.  The right way to open champagne is to untwist the wire thing on the cork, but leave it on.  Then put your thumb on top of it, hold onto the cork, and twist the BOTTLE.
3.  Tilting your glass too much or too little when you pour beer.  The right way to keep the foam down is to hold the glass at a 45-degree angle.
4.  Letting the bottle touch the glass when you pour wine.  Apparently you're a classless heathen if you do that.
5.  Taking Tylenol for a hangover.  The alcohol in your system makes acetaminophen toxic for your liver.  Which is why aspirin and ibuprofen are better.
In fact, men who regularly take Tylenol aren't supposed to have more than two drinks a day.  And for women, it's one drink.
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60 year old KILLS IT on the dance floor

Don't believe me, just watch.
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6 things you should NEVER buy online

Six Things You Should NOT Buy Online

Some people buy everything online now.  A friend who has free shipping with Amazon told me he bought a single TOOTHBRUSH on there the other day.  But here are six things that experts say you should never buy online.
1.  Kids' shoes.  Their feet grow too fast, so it's better to try them on first.
2.  Flowers.  Obviously everyone buys them online now, on big holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  But if you're close by, you can get a much better bouquet for less money if you go through a local florist.
3.  Furniture.  It's better to actually sit on it first.  Because if you don't like it, it's expensive to send back.  And a lot of online furniture stores charge for shipping AND tack on a delivery charge . . . and both might not be refundable.
4.  High-end musical instruments.  If you're buying a cheap guitar for your kid, that's fine.  But if you want something good, it's worth the extra money to go to a music store and make sure it sounds the way you want it to.  Plus, it could get damaged in the mail.
5.  Rugs.  You can't really tell what the exact color is by looking at a photo on your computer.  And they're also a pain to send back if you don't like it.  Discount websites like don't usually cover the return shipping.
6.  Mattresses.  It's a really expensive purchase, so you want to lie on it first.  But not just because of the expense . . . you spend so much of your life sleeping, buying a mattress is the one purchase you don't want to cut corners on.  
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Caitlyn Jenner [my 2 cents]

Life is too short, way too short, to be ANYTHING but happy. And in a world filled with so much hate, negativity, and violence, finding true happiness is so important. Which is why I support Caitlyn Jenner 100%. Can you imagine the weight lifted from her shoulders? For her to know that she is finally free to be her TRUE self? She looks STUNNING and I think what she has done is INCREDIBLY brave and courageous. I wish her nothing but love and happiness on her new and exciting journey. If we could all learn to accept others, not judge them, and support what makes them most happy, no matter what our beliefs or opinions are....we'd be a better world. You don't have to agree with it, it's more about saying "if they're happy that's all that matters." Wouldn't you want someone to say the same for you? Listen to the words she is saying in this video, listen closely. How can you NOT be supportive of her? Why would you NOT want her to be happy? What kind of person would want her to continue to suffer? It's ALL...ABOUT...ACCEPTANCE. She's finally free. Breathe easy Caitlyn, it's finally over. 


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5 exercises you should STOP doing

According to a personal trainer, here are five exercises you should stop doing . . . because you'll just end up hurting yourself.
1.  Don't use the leg curl machine.  It puts too much pressure on your knees, and can also hurt your lower back.  You're better off just doing squats.
2.  Stop doing box jumps.  That's the one where you hop on top of a wooden box, and back down.  Most people get hurt jumping OFF the box, because landing puts a lot of stress on your knees, feet, ankles, and lower back.
3.  Don't run on a flat treadmill.  It's not a great workout, because the momentum pulls your feet forward.  But you can also end up running faster than your body's used to, which is hard on your knees.  So set the incline at 2% to simulate flat ground.
4.  Don't wear a weightlifting belt.  You don't need one unless you're doing major, Olympic-style powerlifting.  Plus your back and core don't get as good of a workout.  Instead, just flex your abs to activate your core during things like squats and deadlifts.
5.  Don't do overhead kettlebell swings.  You can still use kettlebells, just don't swing them any higher than chest level, or you can hurt your neck and lower back.
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Scientists have found a way to fight skin cancer successfully.....

.........with what you ask??


No but seriously, 
researchers say that a modified version of the virus that causes cold sores has led to a major breakthrough for cancer patients.

Read more about it HERE. Shout out to HERPES!

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