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If you have kids, you'll appreciate this!

Hey moms and dads, I have no doubt that you are raising your children to the best of your ability. You all ROCK. But check out this list of '31 Truths About Raising 'Kids That You Won't Find In A Parenting Book!' I don't have any little ones yet, but even I appreciated it! Click HERE to check it out! YOU'RE WELCOME!
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Billy Crystal's incredibly beautiful tribute to Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmys

Grab a tissue.....or a beach towel, you'll need it. What a beautiful tribute from one of his dearest friends. Such an incredible and talented person gone way, way too soon.

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If You Need a Laugh!!

This is one of my favorite shows! Sitcom bloopers are the best when you need a laugh! So funny to see the actors in a different light!

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Happy Birthday to the woman that birthed me!

She is the greatest woman I know. She has supported me in everything I do. She is selfless, giving, and is the epitome of kind. Her heart is overflowing with love. She is my role model, my best friend, and I can only hope I turn out exactly like her. I love her more than words can express. Happy Birthday to my incredible mother. 

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Analyzing Robin Williams

Everyone is asking me about it.  One person offered to pay me for it. 
I’ve never seen this much interest in any one topic.  Not 9-11.  Not the death of megastar Prince.  Not the election of the first African American president of the U.S.
So, here it is:  My analysis of Robin Williams’s suicide.

Suicide is a tangle of many strands. 
But let’s start with sad.  It’s the first and most obvious strand.  Ironically, suicide involves the inability to express sad.
It’s not a stretch to say Mr. Williams was manic. One part of mania is relentless humor.  Funny is a defense against sad.  Truism: you can’t be happy and sad at the same time. 
Busy-ness is another part of mania.  If your brain is crammed with facts (scripts?), there is no room for feeling.  Another truism: your brain can’t process facts and feeling at the same time.  (This is why successful meditation depends on chanting words devoid of feeling such as om). 
Williams numbed his mind with drugs and alcohol.  And yet another truism: you can’t be numb and feel at the same time. 
Robin Williams had all these defenses in spades. You could say Mr. Williams was sprinting from sadness.
And not just sadness. The second strand, less obviously, is anger.  But like sadness, the suicidal person has difficulty expressing anger.
So what’s so bad about expressing anger and sadness?  The reasons usually involve a sense that sadness is weak.  Maybe babyish or childish.  And excessive guilt causes people to stuff anger.  Some people fear that if they let the sadness and anger out, ­­­they will be seen as a negative (or bad) person and drive loved ones away. 
Suicide involves a lack of control which is the third strand.  Many more people think of suicide than do it.  The difference: impaired impulse control.  In Mr. William’s case this is evident in his overuse of alcohol and drugs, relentless chatter and prolificacy.
The fourth strand is self-punishment.  The suicidal person sees sadness, anger and poor impulse control = negative, mean and dangerous and concludes they deserve to be punished.

Four strands make the rope.
Why didn’t he get help?  Getting help means facing and expressing the “forbidden” emotions.
Why did he wait until he was in his 60’s?  Suicide is most common in the elderly.  In Mr. William’s case, he had been sober, had an impending infirmity (Parkinson’s) and work was harder to come by.   Life may have been intolerable without his primary defenses:  alcohol, busy-ness and scripts to memorize.
Why didn’t any of his friends or family help?  The suicidal person’s defenses disguise their distress from themselves and, typically, everyone. 
Of course, this is all conjecture; I have never met Robin Williams.  I wish I had. I have simply applied the common suicide dynamics to the public facts.  A sad exercise.  But one that might help generate awareness.  And perhaps save a life.  I fantasize about approval from John Keating, my favorite William’s character.
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Rainy Day Activities with Jimmy Fallon!

A possibly rainy weekend ahead, so do this with your friends and family!

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HollyWooWoo Report

Celebrities & Entertainment   Thursday, August 14, 2014
Calendar of Events/Today in History
National Creamsicle Day                                                                                                        National Navajo Code Talkers Day
Judge: Chris Brown doing well since jail release, down to 2 drug tests a week
A judge says Chris Brown has been doing well & following probation rules since his release from jail in June. He appeared in a Los Angeles court yesterday for a progress report. The judge said he’s in compliance with his probation officer and cooperating with his therapist.
Music Video Premiere: Michael Jackson's 'A Place With No Name'
A new Michael Jackson music video has been released. "A Place With No Name" was launched on Twitter last night, and is the first music video to debut on the site. It’s a rework of America’s 1972 hit called "A Horse With No Name." He recorded it in 1998.
With passing of Bacall, all Madonna's 'Vogue' icons have died
All 16 celebrities mentioned in Madonna's "Vogue" have died. Lauren Bacall was the final celebrity to die on the list, 24 years after the song's release in 1990. The list includes Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and Katharine Hepburn.
Carrie Underwood performing at 2015 Super Bowl
Carrie Underwood is in talks to perform at the half-time show of the 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona next February. Football fans already know her from 'Sunday Night Football.' Bruno Mars performed at this year's event alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Aerosmith Cancel California Show Amid Reports Of Kramer Illness
Aerosmith had to scrap last night’s concert in Concord, California. Drummer Joey Kramer is ill. He has had heart-related issues in the past, and reportedly suffered health complications on Tuesday. He is 64. The group's Washington show on Saturday will also be cancelled.
Ciara insists she is 'very happy' after split
Ciara feels ''a whole new spiritual energy'' after splitting from fiancé Future. She insists she is ''very, very happy'' thanks to their 3-month-old son, Future Jr. She plans to ''stay focused'' on her career and insists she ''can't waste time'' on things that don't matter to her.
Robin Williams' Representative Dismisses Reports Of Financial Troubles
Robin Williams' longtime publicist has dismissed reports suggesting he was having money troubles. Mara Buxbaum said, "Robin had no financial problems. We should be blessed to have his financial status." According to Forbes, his net worth was an estimated $50 million.
Celine Dion Takes Career Hiatus To Care For Cancer-Stricken Husband
Celine Dion has cancelled her forthcoming Las Vegas shows, and a tour of Asia this fall. She is taking a hiatus to care for her cancer-stricken husband, René Angélil. Celine has also been battling an illness that has caused inflammation on her throat muscles.
Paul McCartney Offers Up Guitar To Help Save Elephants
Paul McCartney is selling off one of his beloved Martin guitars to help conservationists save African elephants. The Martin D-28 left-handed guitar, which McCartney has signed, is up for auction on eBay. Bidding began at $10,000.
Akon Facing Car Repossession
R&B star Akon runs the risk of losing the keys to his luxury sportscar after falling behind on lease payments. He owes $250,000 for the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia. He signed a contract to lease the car for $360,000. It sells for $225,000. Legal papers have been filed for recovery.
Gwyneth Paltrow Dating Glee Co-creator
Gwyneth Paltrow is moving on from her failed marriage to Chris Martin. She has embarked on a new romance with Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk. She and Martin were together 10 years. She appeared on the show as substitute teacher Holly Holliday.
Usher: 'Failed Marriage Was My Best Mistake'
Usher has no regrets about his failed marriage to Tameka Foster, calling the relationship his "best mistake". He remains positive about the experience. Following their split, the former couple began a heated custody battle. In 2012, Usher was awarded custody of their 2 sons.
'Survivor' Editors Go on Strike, Premiere Episode Isn't Finished
"Survivor’s" post-production crew walked off the job yesterday pending a union contract with health and retirement benefits. No editorial work will resume until Mark Burnett's Island Post Productions agrees to a union contract. The season 29 debut is set for Sept 24.
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 19 Pros Announced, Maks Chmerkovskiy Out
The celebrity contestants for season 19 of DWTS will be unveiled Sept 4. The new season begins Monday, Sept 15. There will be several new pro dancers, while several others are gone. Most notable, Maks is out. He won last season with partner Meryl Davis.
Kim Kardashian Regrets Attempt At Music Career
Kim Kardashian's one regret in life is that she attempted to become a musician. She recorded a dance track called Jam (Turn It Up) in 2010. It featured a cameo with now-husband, rapper Kanye West. She now wishes she had listened to those who knew better.
Nicki Minaj sued for leaving early for performance at NBA event
A lawsuit has been filed accusing Nicki Minaj of breaking an agreement in 2011. She agreed to perform for an hour at Hollywood’s Siren Studio. She arrived 90 minutes late and was on stage for less than 30 minutes. She left for an appearance at the NBA All-Star event.
Today's Birthdays: Singer Dash Crofts is 76. Rock singer David Crosby is 73. Comedian-actor Steve Martin is 69. Singer-musician Larry Graham is 68. Author Danielle Steel is 67. Actress Jackee Harry is 58. Actress Marcia Gay Harden is 55. Basketball Hall of Famer Earvin "Magic" Johnson is 55. Singer Sarah Brightman is 54. Actress Halle Berry is 48. Actress Catherine Bell is 46. Actress Mila Kunis is 31. TV personality Spencer Pratt is 31. NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is 27.
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Fifty Shades of Frozen MASHUP.

This Fifty Shades of Frozen mashup is creepy and awesome at the same time! WATCH IT HERE!!!
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Wife says no to maternity photos, husband takes his own instead

This is just hysterical. What happened when this guys wife decided NOT to get maternity photos done? He took matters into his own hands and took his own maternity photos, of HIMSELF. Click HERE to see the absolutely HILARIOUS outcome!! 
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Jimmy Fallon is HILARIOUS

I am going to start trying my very hardest to see if some of our visiting artists will play these games with me! Would be soo flipping funny!

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