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AMAZING jello shot ideas!

Well it's officially the WEEKEND and who doesn't enjoy a good jello shot?! I KNOW I SURE DO! If you're having a party or any kind of get together this weekend or in the future, check out these AMAZING jello shot ideas! After seeing these, my creative juices are FLOWIN! I want to try them all! Click HERE to check them out! ENJOY!
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Adventures On The Gorge

Clcik here to find out more about Adventures On The Gorge!

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Disabling the Enablers

Enablers aren’t just for alcoholics and drug addicts anymore.  Enablers are people who find ways for those with any bad habit to avoid the negative consequences of their actions. So for instance, someone who has difficulty getting out of bed may have a coworker cover for their lateness with the boss. This helps them keep their job for the moment, but at a cost.
Enablers tend to be nice people --to a fault.  They see their enabling as being a “good friend” or doing “a favor.”  But when the one being helped continues to act irresponsibly and avoid consequences, the difference between an honest favor and enabling becomes evident.
Enablers often continue to enable bad behavior again and again because they use a set of emotional beliefs instead of logic.  These beliefs include:
 “If I don’t ‘help,’ then I’m a bad person.”  Which is another way of saying guilt.  Certainly the one asking for the ‘favor’ often plays on and exploits the guilt. Most of us get enjoyment from helping others which can make it hard to say “no.”
“Something bad will happen, they might die!” Often, the one asking for help will paint a dire picture which can be far from reality. Of course, if the threat is truly life-or-death, then helping is just that: helping. But if dire crises seem to pop up for someone at every turn, then that’s a clue that enabling might be occurring.
“But I’ve already invested so much.”  Sometimes, when someone has helped someone once, twice, or several times, they may start catching on to the idea that the helping isn’t so helpful. Mere habit, or the false idea that this is a healthy relationship, can become the enemy. The enabler may start to believe “well, I’ve come this far; I can’t stop now,” or “how will it look if I stop now?”
“They can’t fix this without me.”  An exit strategy for an enabler is to realize that someone else might be better for the job. But what if the hapless friend really can’t meet their responsibilities? A good test to separate helping from enabling is for the enabler to ask himself, “is what I’m about to do helping someone become more competent, or is it preventing them from learning and growing?”

New beliefs to prevent enabling:

“They need to learn from their mistakes.”  Not all helping is truly helpful. Most people learn through consequences.  Negative consequences usually follow bad decisions. Forgetting to pay the water bill leads to empty taps. Taking away negative consequences robs people of the chance to learn that what they did is wrong which will then motivate and support change.

“There’s only so much one person can do.” If we’re honest with ourselves, and utilize humility, we are limited in our time and resources. Most of them are already spoken for. When we rescue someone it is often at the expense of ourselves.  Before pledging to help someone who may or may not deserve it, consider other commitments to avoid rushing into anything.

“Would other help be better?” Just because someone asks you for help does not automatically make it the best option. Depending on the type of crisis, perhaps a doctor, therapist, plumber or financial planner might be more suited to the problem.  Irresponsible people will try to pin you down with over-the-top pleas.  Don’t get sucked in. There’s a good chance they’re turning to you because others have seen through the ruse and have turned them down.

Learning to spot the difference between enabling and helping benefits the enabler, the one with the habit/problem and their relationship.
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Weekend in Manteo, NC!

Good Morning! It's Monday ... and I was off from work on Friday - so it's nice to be back. Although let's be honest ... being on a permanent vacation would be AMAZING! I was off on Friday because McCoy & I went to Manteo, NC for a wedding. One of my dearest friends - who is both beautiful on the outside and the inside - got married!! Pamela used to be a model ya'll. For real! You might have seen her in a magazine!! She is just the sweetest friend you could have! She's from Suffolk ... her dad is a farmer (Farmer's Daughter & a Model - seriously!) ... and she found the man of her DREAMS! They tied the knot in Manteo, NC - so McCoy and I traveled (w/o Maggie!) to have a little alone time & celebrate Pamela & John's BIG day. I was a Bridesmaid ... and our dresses were beautiful. The wedding was perfect! It captured their love for each other & their strong faith. Now about the town of Manteo - it is quaint & quiet. My Aunt & Uncle actually live in Manteo ... small world! We stayed at The Tranquil House Inn. I highly recommend that place! It was gorgeous ...  on the water ... great views ... wonderful food ... friendly staff ! I would definitely go back. If you need a weekend getaway, go to MANTEO! Soo romantic. Here's some wedding pics. Have a great day!


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HollyWooWoo Report June 9 2014

The HollyWooWoo Report
June 9, 2014

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a car accident over the weekend. He was traveling in a Mercedes bus when it was rear ended on the NJ Turnpike by an 18 wheeler!!! 1 person in the Merceds was killed. Tracy was seriously injured. He is still recovering in a NJ hospital.

Melanie Griffith has filed for DIVORCE from her husband of 20 + years ... Antonio Banderas. It was her 3rd marriage, his 2nd. Rumor has it they have been having marital issues for YEARS! On the papers she filed Irreconcilable Differences.

Kongrats to the Kardashians! The family everyone loves to hate is adding another baby to the mix ... oldest sister Kourtney confirmed she is pregnant with her 3rd. She already has 2 kids with her BF Scott Disick. The rumor was confirmed during an airing of the new season promo - KK says it 'wasn't a planned pregnancy' ... well, you do know how babies are made right? Mazel Tov!

JLO is single once again! The girl from the block has kicked her backup dancer BF out of the LA Mansion they shared for 2.5 years!! Casper Smart was busted last week having innapropriate relationships with 2 women he met on Instagram. While he doesn't get any cash from the split, he does get 2 motorcycles, a Jeep and a Dodge Ram. Not bad.

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A Father's Day tribute to the man I miss so much

As Father's Day approaches, I thought I would take the time to let you all in on a part of my life that few get to see or even hear about. This is a picture of my amazing father, Dennis Tucker. They say there's no love quite like the love a father has for his daughter. And I believe that with every ounce of my being. My father loved me so much and was so proud of everything I had accomplished and had yet to accomplish in life. Even after my parents divorced when I was 13 years old, he still made the effort to be a part of my life and to make sure I knew on a constant daily basis, how much he loved me. 

Sadly, on January 9th, 2008, he passed away after a massive heart attack. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was working an event for the Point at the VB Convention Center when I got the call. It was a listener contest to win a brand new car. I got the call from my mother and just completely lost it, in front of EVERYONE there. As silly as I felt, I could only hope they all understood that I had just received news that would change my life.

My point in all this emotional rambling is this: If you are lucky enough to still have your father in your life, remember to hug him tight, and tell him you love him (no MATTER the circumstances), because tomorrow isn't promised for ANY of us. Luckily, my last words to him were that I loved him, right before we hung up the phone. And for that, I am so thankful. I can't imagine if my last words had been harsh or unforgiving. So HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads out there. And to my daddy up in heaven, I love you and Happy Father's Day. Continue to watch over me.

(Sadly, this is one of the only pictures I have left of him. But it's exactly how I remember him, that jet black hair, tan and handsome!)

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HollyWooWoo Report

JUNE 5, 2014

Pharrell, on his way home to Virginia Beach, will stop off at the 'Today' show

Pharrell Williams is coming home to Virginia Beach this weekend to appear as the headliner at Shaggfest. First he'll make a stop in New York this morning to appear on the "Today" show. The appearance is part of "Today's" summer concert series.

Pharrell apologizes for wearing native headdress on magazine cover

Pharrell Williams ditched his trademark hat for a feathered Native American headdress on the cover of Elle Magazine in the UK. An online reader noted, "A headdress is a serious piece of our culture not a fashion statement." Pharrell issued a statement apologizing.

Carrie Underwood takes top prize at CMT Awards

Carrie Underwood took home the top prize for Video of the Year at the annual CMT Music Awards last night. 'See You Again' was voted Best Video. Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert earned Male & Female Video of the Year. Cassadee Pope won Breakthrough of the Year.

Celine Dion and Ne-Yo Premiere 'Incredible' Music Video

The music video for Celine Dion's duet with Ne-Yo "Incredible" is out. The clip was actually shot nearly six months ago. "Incredible" is a single off Dion's latest album, "Loved Me Back to Life". The collaboration with Ne-Yo was actually the idea of her 13-year-old son.

Kourtney Kardashian carrying baby No.3

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with baby No.3. Her husband is Scott Disick. Son Mason is 4, and daughter Penelope is 2 next month. The new baby is due in December. They don't know the gender yet. They have been together since 2007.

Kanye West takes 'drastic measures' to beef up daughter North's security

Kanye West is taking 'drastic measures' to protect his little girl with wife Kim Kardashian. He’s upset over all the pictures taken of her during and after his and Kim's wedding last month. He’s consulting with security experts and limiting her exposure to fans & paparazzi.

La Toya Jackson is engaged

La Toya Jackson is engaged. She plans to tie the knot with business partner Jeffré Phillips. The couple vacationed in Hawaii last August. He gave her a 17.5 carat diamond ring. Her new reality show, 'Life with La Toya', premieres June 7 on OWN.



Mario Lopez Penning First Memoir

Mario Lopez is set to reveal all in his first memoir. ‘Just Between Us’ will be out in September. He promises he’ll reveal intimate details, as well as his biggest successes.  Former “Saved by the Bell” cast member Dustin Diamond released his book in 2009.

Dr. Dre buys Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's mansion for $40m

Dr. Dre has bought Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's mansion in Los Angeles for $40 million. He secured it for $10 million less than the original listed price. Gisele and Tom are building a new dream home in Boston. They also have a $14 million apartment in New York. Black Eyed Peas need new sound says there's ''no point'' in reforming the Black Eyed Peas if they can't create a bold new sound. He has enjoyed solo success with 'Scream & Shout' featuring Britney Spears, 'Feelin' Myself' and '#thatPOWER'. His new track is 'It's My Birthday', featuring Cody Wise.

Bethenny Frankel and ex-husband settle on joint custody

Bethenny Frankel and ex-husband Jason Hoppy will share joint custody of four-year-old daughter Bryn. The pair filed for divorce in December 2012. They have been at war in the courts over money made during their 2-year marriage.

Don Cheadle Starts Crowd-Funding Campaign For Miles Davis Biopic

Don Cheadle has been given the green light to film a biopic about Jazz musician Miles Davis. He is raising financing through the website Indiegogo. He will direct, produce and star in the movie, called “Miles Ahead.” Co-stars include Ewan McGregor and Zoe Saldana.

Kia hamster actor charged with disability fraud

Remember the dancing hamsters in the Kia car ads? A man who played one is charged with California disability fraud. Leroy Barnes of L-A collected $51,000 after claiming a piece of ceiling fell on him. He was a backup dancer for Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown.

Jurassic Park Film Takes Over Abandoned Theme Park

The new Jurassic Park movie will shoot in an abandoned New Orleans theme park. The production will take over the former Six Flags site just outside the city next week. The park has been closed since just before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005.

The Game Appeals To Fans To Identify Phone Thief

The Game invited the public into his Glendale mansion for a 2-day garage sale in late May. One visitor gained access to his bedroom and swiped two iPhones. Game has posted security footage onto Instagram. Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call police.

Bachelor In Paradise promises more romance and drama in an exotic new location

Bachelor In Paradise will hit TV screens in August. Cast members from past shows will be back against the exotic backdrop of Mexico. 13 former contestants will live together to explore new relationships.  It premieres August 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC.


Today's Birthdays: Financial guru Suze Orman is 63. Jazz musician Kenny G is 58. Rock singer Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs) is 58. Actor Jeff Garlin is 52. Actress Karen Sillas is 51. Actor Ron Livingston is 47. Singer Brian McKnight is 45. Actor Mark Wahlberg is 43. Actor Chad Allen is 40. Rock musician P-Nut (311) is 40. Actress Navi Rawat (RO'-waht) is 37. Actress Liza Weil is 37. Rock musician Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) is 35. Rock musician Seb Lefebvre (Simple Plan) is 33. Actress Amanda Crew is 28.


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HollyWooWoo Report

JUNE 4, 2014 

Jolie: We won't change our security on red carpet

Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt won't tighten their security policies during publicity events. She wants loyal fans to feel they can approach them without being hassled. Pitt was accosted on the red carpet at her movie premier. Angelina turns 39 today.

Pharrell Williams Hugs Harlem's Tree Of Life Before Apollo Theater Gig

Pharrell Williams prepared for his live-streamed concert at Harlem's Apollo Theater last night by holding a ritual backstage. His dancers & singers touched the venue's 'tree of life,' touched by all the great performers. He thanked the dancers for being part of his journey.

Beyonce, Solange, Blake Lively attend Gucci's Chime for Change Event

Beyonce and sister Solange met up with Blake Lively at the Chime for Change One-Year Anniversary event last night in NYC. Beyonce made a personal donation of $500,000. The event promotes Education, Health and Justice for girls and women around the world.

Pharrell Williams, Drake, Lil Wayne, Usher to Perform at 2014 BET Awards

Musical guests for the 14th annual BET Awards have been announced. Pharrell Williams, Drake, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson and Usher are the headliners for the show on Sunday, June 29. Chris Rock will host. Jay-Z and Beyonce dominate the nomination list.

'WKRP in Cincinnati' celebrates 35 years -- nine months later

The classic TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati” is celebrating its 35thanniversary. The cast will get together tonight at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The reunion special will be streamed online. WKRP premiered on CBS on Sept. 18, 1978, and aired four seasons.

Ailing Bret Michaels Thanks Fans For Support

Bret Michaels has expressed gratitude to fans following his latest onstage health crisis last week. He had to cancel gigs for treatment of influenza, dehydration and exhaustion. He’s returned back home to recover. He is set to resume touring in St. Louis June 13.

Another racist Justin Bieber video finds its way online

Another controversial video of Justin Bieber has surfaced. He raps about killing a 'N-word' and joining the Klu Klux Klan. He changes the words of his 2009 hit 'One Less Lonely Girl' to One Less Lonely N----.' The footage was filmed while he was a rising child star.

Jessica Alba Hosts Baby Shower For Military Moms in San Diego

Jessica Alba helped throw a baby shower for a group of military moms yesterday. She hosted a party for over 30 members of U.S. Navy families stationed in San Diego, ahead of their upcoming deployment. Each family was given a month's supply of diapers and wipes.


Paul Walker's Brother, Cody, Set To Star In More 'Fast & Furious' Instalments

Paul Walker's young brother, Cody, is set to star in additional films. He stepped in to finish several key scenes in “Fast and Furious 7” after Paul’s death in November. In future movies, he plays the younger brother of Paul’s character Brian O’Conner, who retires.

Maroon 5 to Drop 'Maps' as Lead Single of New Album 'V'

Maroon 5 has announced the first single off their upcoming fifth studio album is called "Maps". It’s out June 16. "V" is due out September 2 via Interscope Records. It was recorded by Adam Levine and his bandmates in Los Angeles over the past year.

'Jupiter Ascending' Pushed Back From July to February 2015

“Jupiter Ascending" has been put on hold just 6 weeks before its initial release date. It’s now due in theaters February 6, 2015. The postponement is to enhance over 2000 special effects. Mila Kunis is an Earth-born princess & Channing Tatum is her protector.

50 Cent Releases 'Animal Ambition' Music Video

50 Cent has released the music video for new album "Animal Ambition." It’s his first album released independently following his departure from Interscope Records. It features guest appearances from Trey Songz, Yo Gotti and Jadakiss, among others.

John Mayer Hopes Ex-Girlfriends' Songs About Him Become Hits

John Mayer says he has no problem with his ex-girlfriends writing songs about him. He hopes the songs are successful and become big hits. Taylor Swift's "Dear John" is believed about him. And Katy Perry is working on a new tune inspired by their breakup.

Snoop Dogg Sued By Former Bodyguards

Snoop Dogg has been hit with a lawsuit from 3 former bodyguards. They claim they were underpaid and overworked for years. Torrey Mitchell, Donnel Murray & Ryan Turk say they were fired after complaining about working conditions. They are seeking $3 million.

Dina Lohan's Driving License Suspended for a Year

Dina Lohan is not allowed to drive for twelve months. Her license is suspended for a DUI on Long Island last September. She must also attend a drunk-driving program. She has completed 100 hours of community service. She promised the judge she won’t be back.

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Partner With Mothers and Sons on Broadway for Project

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are partnering with Broadway show “Mothers & Sons” for their next fund-raiser.  ‘Construction for Change’ will help build medical centers for victims of HIV. Lewis’s mother contracted HIV from a blood transfusion after the birth of his sister.

Kendrick Lamar Teaming Up With Stevie Wonder For New Song

Kendrick Lamar has scored a new collaboration with soul legend Stevie Wonder. He reached out to Wonder through mutual friend and hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh. Lamar drew inspiration from a recent trip to Africa. The song will be on his next album.


Robert Downey, Jr. Developing Rehab Tv Drama

Robert Downey, Jr. is developing a new TV drama about a rehab facility in California. He and wife Susan will produce an as-yet-untitled drama for Showtime. It will follow a rehab/therapeutic community in Venice Beach in 1983.

Today's Birthdays: Dr. Ruth Westheimer is 86. Actor Bruce Dern is 78. Actress-singer Michelle Phillips is 70. Actor Parker Stevenson is 62. Singer-musician El DeBarge is 53. Actress Julie White is 53. Actress Lindsay Frost is 52. Rhythm-and-blues singer Al B. Sure! is 46. Actor Scott Wolf is 46. Actor Noah Wyle is 43. Actor-comedian Russell Brandis 39. Actress Angelina Jolie is 39. Model Bar Refaeli (ruh-FEHL'-lee) is 29. Olympic gold medal figure skater Evan Lysacek is 29. Rock musician Zac Farro is 24.

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HollyWooWoo Report

HollyWooWoo Report
June 3 2014

V. Stiviano Files Police Report in Alleged Beating

V. Stiviano finally went to police to report the racially charged beating she claims happened Sunday night in New York City. She accuses 2 white males of punching her in the face and calling her names. Her attorney says the attack went down outside the Gansevoort Hotel.

Illinois woman's win streak on 'Jeopardy!' ends

The reign of the winningest female contestant in "Jeopardy!" history has come to an end. 31-year-old Julia Collins lost during her 21st appearance that aired last night. She won $428,100. She will be back for the "Jeopardy!" tournament of champions next season.

Rihanna honored for style at annual fashion awards

Rihanna last night received the Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Her trophy was presented by Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue. Her translucent outfit was designed by Adam Selman & embedded with more than 200,000 Swarovski crystals.

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Eric Hill's Dramatic Exit

Andi Dorfman and suitor Dylan went on a steam train ride last night. He told her about the death of his sister & brother. The guys played basketball for a date. Eric said Andi had a poker face. She sent him home. There was no rose ceremony, but Tasos was eliminated.

Miley Cyrus' stolen Maserati located by police

Police have recovered a luxury car stolen from Miley Cyrus' home last week. Her 2014 Maserati was found yesterday afternoon in Simi Valley, about 45 miles northwest of downtown L-A. A man & woman are suspected of taking the car and jewelry Friday.

Notorious B.I.G.’s son graduates high school

Congratulations to Christopher Wallace Jr. He has graduated from Santa Margarita Catholic High School in California. His mother, Faith Evans was proudly front and center. His father, Notorous B.I.G., was gunned down when Christopher was only a year old.

Judge: Kasem can go home to wife if doctors OK it

A judge has determined Casey Kasem can return to the Washington state home where he's been staying, under a doctor’s supervision. His wife Jean and daughter Kerri have been fighting over his care. He is 82 and suffers from dementia, but can return to the home.

Harrison Ford refused entry to London pub, they lose customers

Harrison Ford was refused entry into a crowded London bar last Saturday when bouncers didn't recognize him. He was visiting The Punchbowl Pub in Mayfair with a friend. He’s filming 'Star Wars: Episode VII.' He went to another nearby pub, & Punchbowl emptied out.


Trent Reznor to remain with Beats By Dre

Trent Reznor and officials at Beats By Dre agree: he is still with the company. He tweeted Monday afternoon he remains the company's chief creative officer. Apple bought the headphones and streaming music company last week in a $3 billion deal.

Pharrell Williams: I want to work with Prince

Pharrell Williams has revealed the list of artists he’d like to work with: Prince, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, and Elton John. He also revealed he would love to write the next James Bond theme song. He also hinted at a recent collaboration with Usher.

Chris Brown Released From Prison Early, Tweets: "Thank You GOD"

Newly-freed Chris Brown will have to attend therapy sessions twice a week and submit to random drug testing 3 times a week. He must also complete the remaining 200 hours of community labor (out of 1000). He tweeted, "Back to the Music and Fans. Thank you GOD."

Katy Perry has reportedly reunited with ‘Machine’ guitarist Rob Ackroyd

Katy Perry has been spending time with former flame Rob Ackroyd of Florence & The Machine in the UK. She is completing the European leg of her Prismatic World Tour. He’s been accompanying her to events. They briefly dated in 2012 after meeting at Coachella.

'Real Housewives' producer Andy Cohen preps 'I Slept With a Celebrity' series

Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen has a racy new series in the works. “I Slept With a Celebrity” will feature 2 guests per episode, and recounts their one night stands with celebrities in detail. He will continue to host “Watch What Happens Live.”

Brad Pitt Opens Up About 'Nutter' in Red Carpet Clash

Brad Pitt calls the Ukranian man who rushed him at the premier of ‘Maleficent’ a ‘nutter.’ He smacked him twice in the back of the head as security grabbed him. Pitt said guys like him spoil it for fans. He said if he looks up another dress, “he’s going to get stomped.”

PSY's Snoop Dogg-Assisted 'Hangover' to Arrive June 8

PSY is readying his comeback song with Snoop Dogg. A clip of "Hangover" will premiere June 8 during a primetime episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" following the NBA Finals. The full visuals will hit the web via PSY's YouTube channel & Kimmel’s website after the show.

Today's Birthdays: TV producer Chuck Barris is 85. The president of Cuba, Raul Castro, is 83. Singer Eddie Holman is 68. Singer Deneice Williams is 63. Singer Dan Hill is 60. Actor Scott Valentine is 56. Rock musician Kerry King (Slayer) is 50. Rock singer-musician Mike Gordon is 49. TV host Anderson Cooper is 47. Singers Gabriel and Ariel Hernandez (No Mercy) are 43. Rhythm-and-blues singer Lyfe Jennings is 41. Actress Arianne Zucker ("Days of Our Lives") is 40. Actress Nikki M. James is 33. Tennis player Rafael Nadal is 28. Actress-singer Lalaine is 27. Actor Sean Berdy is 21.

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HollyWooWoo Report

JUNE 2 2014

'Maleficent' spooks box office with $70M debut

Angelina Jolie's fairy tale "Maleficent" opened with $70 million. It re-tells "Sleeping Beauty" from the villain's perspective. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" dropped to 2nd with $32.6 million.  Western comedy "A Million Ways to Die in the West" opened 3rd with $17.1 million.

'Brady Bunch' actress Ann B. Davis dies in Texas

Actress Ann B. Davis, who played housekeeper Alice on "The Brady Bunch," died Sunday at a San Antonio hospital. She was 88. She suffered a fall Saturday at her San Antonio home. She never married, saying she never found a man more interesting than her career.

Bruno Mars & Pharrell Serve Up Hits Package At Hollywood Bowl

Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams teamed up at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Saturday night & last night. Pharrell was a late addition for Mars' 2-night stint. Gwen Stefani also performed Hollaback Girl. Bruno & Gwen will be first-time judges on The Voice next season.

Justin Bieber apologizes for racial slur joke

Justin Bieber is apologizing after a years-old video surfaced showing him telling a racist joke. The video is 5 years old. He was 15 at the time. He tells a joke about black people, using the N-word. He called his behavior back then “childish and inexcusable."

Donald Sterling visits African American church in South L-A

Donald Sterling sat in an African-American church for 2 hours Sunday in South L.A. He was surrounded by bodyguards, & was there the entire service. One family got up and left as Sterling walked in with his entourage. A female member did welcome him to the service.

Casey Kasem taken to medical facility

Casey Kasem has been taken to an undisclosed medical facility in Washington state. Kerri Kasem accompanied her father when an ambulance transported him yesterday afternoon. Kerri said her father is suffering from bedsores, lung & bladder infections, & has dementia.

Car, jewelry taken in burglary of Miley Cyrus home

A pair of burglars broke into Miley Cyrus' San Fernando Valley home and got away with jewelry and a luxury car. A man and a woman scaled a fence and got inside while no one was home. A 2014 Maserati luxury sedan and an unspecified amount f jewelry were taken.


Jennifer Lopez's free Bronx concert gets a Bronx cheer from locals

Sounds like “the block” isn’t looking forward to Jenny’s return. Jennifer Lopez has a big free concert planned for Wednesday at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. It could draw as many as 25,000 fans. The problem: it will also gridlock traffic in and around the neighborhood.

Melissa Etheridge gets married

Melissa Etheridge and partner Linda Wallem were married Saturday in Montecito, Calif., after four years of dating. All four of Etheridge's children participated. She sang a song she wrote for Wallem and had never performed previously. They are both 53.

Michael Lohan Ordered To Pay More Child Support Money

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has been ordered to hand over additional child support payments. Ex-wife Dina claims Michael owes $20,000 in back payments. He says he’s overpaid her already. He has to pay the whole thing by July or he’ll be arrested.

Ray J arrested in Beverly Hills scuffle, spits on cop

Ray J was arrested Friday night after a confrontation with police at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. A woman claimed he grabbed her backside. Police determined it was an accident. He confronted the valets, & kicked out the window of a police car. He’s free on $20,000 bail.

'American Idol' Alum David Archuleta to Fans: 'I'm Not Dead'

American Idol alum David Archuleta has a message for his fans: “I’m not dead.” The season 7 runner-up recently returned from a mission in Chile with his church. He said he is “working” and writing new music, but he is going to control his own future. He is now 23.

Jon Bon Jovi's Wife Hospitalized With Cut Hand

Jon Bon Jovi’s wife suffered a nasty injury Saturday while preparing a family meal. Dorothea Hurley was rushed to a New York City ER by ambulance after slicing her hand while chopping vegetables. She was stitched up, given pain killers and sent home. She is 52.

Tyra Banks gets new daytime talk show

Tyra Banks is getting a second shot at a daytime talk show. Her new untitled series is set to debut in 2015. Her last series ended in 2010. The show will be shot in Los Angeles and will be produced with Disney-ABC. It will include lifestyle, beauty and entertainment.

“Nashville” singing sisters get a real-life agent

If you’re a fan of the show Nashville, you’re familiar with singing sisters Maddie and Daphne Conrad. In real life, Lennon & Maisy Stella have signed with a talent agency, the same one that reps George Clooney, Tom Cruise, & Carrie Underwood. They are ages 14 and 9.

'Gangnam Style' hits 2 billion views on YouTube

Psy's Gangnam Style has surpassed a record-breaking 2 billion views on YouTube. It was uploaded 17 months ago. The viral song & dance spurred a U.S. interest in K-pop and spent 7 weeks at No. 2 on Billboard's Hot 100. Psy plans to release a full-length album soon.


Bill and Giuliana Rancic reveal miscarriage

Bill and Giuliana Rancic have revealed their surrogate, Delphine, has miscarried. She was about nine weeks pregnant. She carried the couple's 21-month old son Duke, who was born in August 2012. She plans to try again for the couple.

Drake Teases Next Album in New Song '0 to 100'

Drake dropped a new track on Sunday via his OVO SoundCloud page. Titled "0 to 100", the song features the Canadian rapper hinting his new project is coming next year. He put out his latest album last year. "Nothing Was the Same" landed at No. 1 in September.

They sold the 'Ferris Bueller' house where Cameron trashed Dad's car

Remember that scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Cameron (Alan Ruck) trashes his dad’s prized Ferrari & sends it plunging through a plate-glass window? The Chicago-area home was sold last week for $1 million. The house was on and off the market for five years.

Matthew Perry is selling mansion housing sober facility

Matthew Perry has slashed the price of his Malibu mansion by $1 million. The beachfront property in the Serra Retreat neighborhood is available for $12.5 million. He’s moving his sober living facility for recovering addicts to Studio City in Los Angeles.

Snooki and JWoww will raise kids together

Snooki and JWoww hope their daughters will be best friends. The former 'Jersey Shore' stars are both expecting baby girls with their fiancés this year and plan to raise them together. Jenni Farley is due in July, Nicole Polizzi delivers her 2nd child in September.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Stacy Keach is 73. Singer William Guest (Gladys Knight & The Pips) is 73. Actor Jerry Mathers (The Beaver) is 66. Actress Joanna Gleason is 64. Actor Dennis Haysbert is 60. Comedian Dana Carvey is 59. Rapper B-Real (Cypress Hill) is 44. Actress Paula Cale is 44. Actor-comedian Wayne Brady is 42. Actor Zachary Quinto is 37. Actor Dominic Cooper is 36. Actress Nikki Cox is 36. Actor Justin Long is 36. Actor Deon Richmond is 36. Actress Morena Baccarin is 35. Rhythm-and-blues singer Irish Grinstead (702) is 34Singer-songwriter ZZ Ward is 28. Actress Brittany Curran is 24.


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