Guys try to identify women's beauty tools, and fail miserably

Watch a bunch of CLUELESS guys try to identify women's beauty tools. It's pretty hysterical. A PRISON SHANK?? Hahaha!
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Doing Duets with Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson made some news a week or so ago when she said no one wanted to sing duets with her.

No one's quite sure why, but when she visited The Tonight Show this week, Jimmy Fallon stepped up and took Kelly's challenge.

They did a medley of duets, including Sonny & Cher's "I Got You, Babe," The Human League's "Don't You Want Me," and Elton John & Kiki Dee's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

They saved the best for last though, with a great rendition of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross' "Endless Love."

Check it out!

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Conan Esta en Cuba

Conan O'Brien visited Jon Stewart and The Daily Show the other night, fresh from his recent trip to Cuba.

Conan was the first TV host and TV show to go to Cuba since the embargo was lifted.

"I thought this was my chance," said Conan. "I wanted to get in there ahead of The View gets down there..."

Conan talked about the experience, especially the delight he had watching The Gilmore Girls in Spanish.

Conan in Cuba airs tonight on TBS...
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Party Like Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr - RDJ, as he's now calling himself - has gone viral with a new video, and it's pretty cool.

He's offering a fan and a guest the chance to spend some quality time with him in Hollywood, including attending the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

All you have to do is visit and donate a minimum of $10 to Julia's House, a hospice that helps terminally ill children and their parents.

It's a pretty amazing thing for RDJ to do...

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Animal Gets Whiplashed

Who's your favorite puppet drummer?

Animal from The Muppet Show, right?

And what movie about drummers picked up a few Academy Awards last week?

That would be Whiplash.

So isn't it simply natural to put Animal and JK Simmons - best supporting actor for Whiplash - together?

Oh yes it is. Thank you, Huffington Post UK!
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Carrie's Baby Has Arrived

Country superstar Carrie Underwood welcomed her new little bundle of joy last Friday. Check out her tweet from yesterday... Back in December, she visited The Tonight Show and talked with Jimmy Fallon about the pressure she felt to sing properly all the time, even in the car, because the baby could hear every note.

Check it out for an overdose of cuteness!

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Mind If I Hitch a Ride?

A photographer in east London caught an amazing shot yesterday.

A small weasel hopped onto the back of a green woodpecker.

The woodpecker was on the ground, minding its own business, pecking away at some ants or other insects when the weasel decided to try to make a meal of the bird.

The bird had other ideas, and took off with the weasel on its back.

And the photographer was able to capture the moment in a photograph that's gone viral.

The story and the incredible picture can be seen by clicking here for
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The Grumpy Old Train That Nobody Likes

Thomas & Friends is a very popular kids show about a tank engine and his railroading friends.

It's been around for a while, so it's no surprise that someone like Neil Patrick Harris is as much a Tankie as his kids are...

Check out this Funny or Die offering as NPH matches wits - well, tries to, anyway - with some much younger Tankies.

Toward the end, NPH gets to be a pretty cranky Tankie.

We'll rate this one Funny!

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HollyWooWoo Report

HollyWooWoo Report
March 3, 2015

'Suge' Knight taken to hospital after court hearing

Suge Knight was in a court again yesterday. He told the judge he is suffering from blindness and other health complications. He also fired his lawyers handling his murder case. He was taken to a hospital for a 3rd time. His next hearing is March 9. He remains held without bail.

Cee Lo Green Fulfils Probation Requirements In 2013 Drug Case

Cee Lo Green will no longer have to attend any further court hearings relating to a 2013 drug charge. He completed 52 private alcohol counseling sessions. An ex-girlfriend accused him of slipping her ecstasy during a dinner date in Los Angeles in 2012.

Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon Perform Medley on 'Tonight Show'

Kelly Clarkson visited "The Tonight Show" to promote her new album "Piece By Piece." She teamed up with Jimmy Fallon for a "History of Duets" medley. They performed several popular duets dating back to the 1960s. She will promote the album on tour later this year.

Kanye West addresses Oxford Students

Kanye West gave a speech at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History yesterday. He said he regretted he didn't attend college. He approaches creativity like a sport. His biggest hangup: his ego. "If I can remove my ego, I think there's hope for everyone."

Ellie Goulding Joining 'The Voice' as Musical Advisor

"The Voice" is welcoming a new addition: Ellie Goulding. She will be an advisor for Adam Levine's team. Other advisers include Lionel Ritchie for team Pharrell Williams, Nick Jonas for team Christina Aguilera, and Meghan Trainor for team Blake Shelton.

Sara Gilbert welcomes baby boy with wife Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert shared the news of her new baby on "The Talk." Co-host Julie Chen announced on Monday's episode that Gilbert welcomed a son over the weekend. It's Gilbert's first with wife Linda Perry. Rhodes Emilio was born Saturday. Gilbert & Perry married in March 2014.

Sylvester Stallone Breaks Up Fight On Creed Set

Sylvester Stallone broke up an unscripted fight on the set of the upcoming Rocky spin-off, "CREED." A real fight broke out during a boxing match scene. In Creed, Stallone's Rocky Balboa is a trainer and mentor to the grandson of his former rival Apollo Creed.

Ethan Hawke Reteaming With Denzel Washington For The Magnificent Seven

Ethan Hawke is reuniting with Training Day co-star Denzel Washington for the remake of The Magnificent Seven. The original western came out in 1960 and starred Steve McQueen & Charles Bronson. Chris Pratt and Haley Bennett will co-star. No release date yet.

Katy Perry Releases Dancing Shark 'Onesie'

Katy Perry is cashing in on the dancing shark from her Super Bowl half-time show by releasing an official costume. She was joined onstage by two dancers dressed up like sharks. The 'Katy Perry Left Shark Belovesie' retails at $129 on her website.

Wiz Khalifa's new song takes shots at Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa just turned up the heat in his custody war with Amber Rose. He laid down the rhymes for a track with Juicy J called "For Everybody." It includes hints that point toward Amber being the inspiration. The photo of Wiz and Juicy is from Wiz and Amber's wedding.

Baby Stops Crying After Hearing Taylor Swift's Song

A video has been posted to YouTube of a Taylor Swift song calming a crying baby. The six-month-old girl named Rosie is upset for being put to bed. When she hears 'Blank Space,' she stops crying. She starts crying loudly again after the music is shut off.

Ryan Phillippe Speaks About Battle With Depression

Ryan Phillippe has revealed he has been suffering with depression since childhood. He has convincingly played an array of emotionally damaged characters. He currently stars as Ben Crawford - a tormented man - in ABC'S news series 'Secrets And Lies.'

Pamela Anderson Quits Social Media

Pamela Anderson has shut down her Twitter and Facebook profiles. She did not provide a reason for her social media break. She tweeted, "Bye Bye Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram. Nothing personal." Her Instagram account is now private for friends & family.

Mumford & Sons details electronic third album 'Wilder Mind'

Mumford & Sons will trade its signature folk sound for a more electronic one in their third album 'Wilder Mind.' The new record will feature less banjo and more synthesizers. The new album is out May 4. A summer tour kick offs in Seaside Heights, New Jersey June 5.

Kevin Federline lines up spinning gig at nightclub near Disneyland

Kevin Federline has followed Paris Hilton, Jon Gosselin and Pauly D. He has become a music DJ at the Heat Nightclub in Anaheim. He'll earn $1,000 per show to start. His first show is this Saturday, along with DJ Prophet. Ex-wife Britney earns $475,000 per show in Vegas.

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Beware the Stoner Rabbits!

An agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration appeared before Utah's Senate last week to speak against a proposed bill that would legalize marijuana.

Specifically, he's afraid that allowing marijuana to be grown in the state would hurt the environment.

Why? Because rabbits and other wildlife could cultivate a taste for marijuana.

In fact, he said he witnessed such behavior, in a rabbit who'd developed a taste for the herb and lost his natural instinct to run.

Good to know the government's out there protecting us from stoner rabbits...

Listen to Agent Fairbanks' testimony here. Some of it is flat-out hilarious.

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