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Posts from May 2013

HollyWooWoo Report

The HollyWooWoo Report
Friday May 31st 2013

TGIF! We made it to the freakin' weekend ... and here's what's happening in Hollywood:

We often hear about actors in Hollywood going to rehab for alcohol addiction. Maybe they are addicted to cocaine - or sleeping pills - some are even addicted to the S-E-X.
Well ... super talented actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman just revealed he completed 10 days in rehab for an addiction to HEROIN!!!! WHAT?! Isn't that cray-cray? He said he is clean & sober now. 10 days & he quit the smack? Pretty impressive.

So what do you do when you start sleeping with your MARRIED co-star, cheat on your husband & ruin 2 marriages? You write a TV show about it!!! DUH!! Country star Leann Rimes & her 2nd husband Eddie Cibrian have written a TV show based on what they call "our reality". Ummm ... that's a homewrecking reality. HA! And even weirder ... Leann & Eddie will play themselves in the show. What the what?!

One and D-O-N-E! Mariah Carey & Nikki Minaj are NOT returning as judges on 'American Idol'. Both divas have bowed out after 1 season. And both say it's because they are "focusing on their music". Mariah was paid around $20 million dollars for her work on the show - Nikki made about $9 million. Rumor has it producers want to get ride of Keith Urban too & bring back Jennifer Lopez along with 2 former Idol winners.

Actress Amanda Bynes has ignited another Twitter war - this time telling gossip blogger Perez Hilton to go to you know where. She also lashed out against NSYNC boy bander Lance Bass. Amanda was recently caught on camera wandering through traffic in Buffalo, NY. Not only is it scary because she is roaming through traffic ... she claims to NOT be Amanda Bynes & NOT be in Buffalo. This is sad...she needs help ASAP!!!

Oprah addressed graduates yesterday at Harvard University ... she spoke about gun control & immigration ... gave life advice & in true Oprah fashion screamed "OMG! I'm at Harvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard"!!!! Do you remember who spoke at your commencement speech?

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HollyWooWoo Report

The HollyWooWoo Report
May 30 2013

Congrats to former 'American Idol' contestants Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo - they are tying the knot on Saturday. While they both appeared on Idol, they didn't fall in love until starring alongside each other on Broadway. Ace proposed on the Season Finale of Idol in 2012. Over 200 guests will attend - including Paula Abdul!! Remember Ace Young?! That hair! Those eyes! His voice! He is HUNKY!!!!

Justin Bieber is in hot water AGAIN!!! And guess what ... it's for his fast driving! But this time - Beebs wasn't behind the wheel. His Ferrari was pulled over in LA last night for speeding - and when the window rolled down - cops found rapper Lil'Twist behind the wheel. He was let go with a (Lil') warning - but LAPD are still investigating 3 claims of JB speeding thru his neighborhood over the holiday weekend.

Speaking of JB - a 25 year old woman is claiming HE is HER ... BABY DADDY! She says they had a 1 night stand on February 4th 2010 and she got preggers. He was 15 at the time - and 9 months later she popped out a Baby Beiber. His publicist deny the accusations. I wonder what Selena Gomez will say about this? Hmmmm....

After 14 years of marriage - and a 3 year separation - the divorce between Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette is official. What took so long?! Geez. They have a 10 year old daughter together named Coco & claim despite the divorce ... they are "the best of friends" ... cause aren't we all BFF's with our ex's?! Only in LA...

Last night on NBC - it was an incredible night of music & support to raise money for the victims of the horrible Oklahoma tornados. Country superstar Blake Shelton organized the event. He & his wife Miranda Lambert live in Oklahoma - and hoped to raise over $1 Million for the victims. Usher, Carrie Underwood & Trisha Yearwood made appearances during the broadcast.

Do you remember who spoke at your college graduation? Maybe it was the Dean of Students, a doctor or someone from NASA? Well Harvard University has one upped all of us ... they got OPRAH to speak at their graduation. Shut the front door!!! I KNOW! I would trade a diploma for a pic with Oprah anyday. Then again ... I would need to be accepted to Harvard 1st. A girl can dream ... and dream ... and dream ...

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