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Kevin Bacon Joins Mark Wahlberg's Boston Marathon Bombing Movie

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon has just joined the cast of "Patriot Day," a movie about the Boston Marathon bombings starring Mark Wahlberg. He'll play an FBI agent.

The movie is already filming in Boston. It will open in December.

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Women's Soccer Stars Sue For Equal Pay

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team
They want to get paid, and deservedly so. The five most prominent members of the US Women's National Team have filed an action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (a government agency) accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination in relation to the money the federation pays to the U.S. Men’s National Team.

They argue that they earn 4 times less than the men do. And unlike some sports, this is not a situation where the men's team generates more revenue. In fact according to the report the women's team has generated dramatically more revenue over the last couple years.
If you want to get super in-depth with this story here's a report from Sports Ilustrated

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NCAA Final Four Will Be Streamed In Virtual Reality

2016 Final Four in Houston
This is so cool! Somebody get me one of those VR headsets that makes me look like a dork.

Consumers try out VR Goggles

Forgetting the way they look on the outside these VR headsets are actually amazing. Someone had one here at work and just watching their home movie on it was cool, so seeing a live sporting event is going to be amazing!

The Final Four takes place in Houston this weekend and the final game will be streamed in 180-degree Virtual Reality for free. Don't get used to it though, in the future this technology is going to cost us. And if my team was playing in the Superbowl I might just pay for it!

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Why LA Laker D'Angelo Russell Was Booed By His Own Fans

D'Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers
Being booed by the opposing team's fans can be fun, almost energizing. But being booed by your own fans?

D'Angelo Russell videotaped teammate Nick Young talking about some things and in the video he basically confessed to cheating on his fiance, rapper Iggy Azaelea. The video was leaked and you can imagine the effect that has on a team (let alone a relationship).

When D'Angelo took the court last night he was booed by his own fans. It started small, then grew a little bit. 

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Keith Richards Blasts Adele And Rihanna For One Dumb Reason

This seems to happen every couple of years. An artist who writes their own songs has to attack someone who doesn't. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has spoken out to say that stars like Adele and Rihanna "can't rely on themselves" because they need collaborators to write or help write their music. 

This argument is so dumb. We want to see people who are the best at what they do no matter what. How good of a basketball player would Michael Jordan have been if no one had ever coached him? How would a world leader function without the advice of their staff? 

Boy bands are often criticized for not playing instruments. Who cares? Some people want to see singers who can harmonize and dance really well. 

Keith: Please be grateful for the talent you have and let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. 

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Billion Dollar Wedding Includes Performances By J-Lo and Sting [PHOTOS]

A million dollar wedding sounds crazy right? What if you had a BILLION to spend on your special day?

The son of a Russian oil tycoon got married over the weekend to his college-student bride and the price tag is said to have been 1 billion dollars! That included 600 guests, a $25,000 dress, a cake taller than the bride and groom, and live performances from Enrique Iglesias, Sting, and Jennifer Lopez.

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A video posted by @_wedding_world on

Here are some more photos:

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The Creepy Selfie That's Freaking The Internet Out

A Selfie Stick
This selfie seems normal enough, until you see the woman's reflection in the window behind her. WTF!?!

Watch to see it and for the explanation. And yes you'll be disappointed afterwards. 

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First "Plus Sized" Model On Maxim Cover

The term "plus sized" is relative. A lot of people think Ashley Graham looks like a normal woman (a smokin' hot normal woman), while some still think she's too thin to be called plus sized. Earlier this year, she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and is now making waves for another magazine. 

Regardless of your fat vs thin viewpoint, she's on the latest cover of Maxim and fans aren't very happy. She looks amazing, but some are wondering if her famous curves have been Photoshopped while the magazine touts embracing women of all sizes.

After looking at the sexy pics, I'm sure everyone wants to embrace her. 


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Hamilton Casting Call Controversy

The Cast of "Hamilton"
If you haven't heard of the wildy popular Broadway show Hamilton, edcuate yourself. The musical caused an uproar over its casting notice which seeks "non-white" performers.  One attorney claims the language violates the New York City Human Rights Law.

Halimton producers haven't released a comment on the notice. And since this is a casting call they can specify race as part of what they're looking for. 

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Are You Ready For The "Ramen Burger?

Uncooked Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles and Burgers are both on my Top 5 List of Greatest Foods. But that doesn't mean they'll be good when you put them together. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich and Eggs Benedict are both great, but I'd never combine them! But Red Robin has decided to do just that.

The Ramen Burger is a beef patty served between two crispy ramen noodle buns:
They've been testing it in some markets but will roll it out nationwide April 4 through June 5. On April 19th the first 22 college students at each of their restaurants will be able to buy one for 22 cents (about the cost of a package of ramen noodles).

Even though it sounds disgusting, I'm totally going to try one! I'm a sucker for hype. 
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